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What can I do to get high cheekbones? I have chubby cheeks and I hate it! (Photo)

I've always admired celebrities with beautiful high, angular cheekbones. Unfortunately for me I seem to have flat cheekbones with a lack of volume. I... READ MORE

How can I get hollow cheeks? (Photo)

I'm 18, I wonder how can I get hollow cheeks ? I'm young (I know) but at least I need to learn. READ MORE

lower face treatment suggestion (Photo)

Hi, I'm a 37 male. I'd like to know if those bags that can be seen in my profile picture are perioral mounds. Anyways they have always been there and... READ MORE

Getting rid of or reducing the size of chubby cheeks? (Photo)

I have had chubby cheeks for as long as I can remember, and their size has bothered me for a while. They protrude and make my face appear very round... READ MORE

I'm 42 year old woman who is looking for a higher cheekbone look/contour. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

What would one think is more suitable for a woman of my age? If i had to pick n ideallook that id like, id would have to be Angelina Jolie. Here top... READ MORE

Is it possible to deepen the dimple by my mouth? (Photo)

I saw dimple creation on the cheeks but I have slightly shown dimply by my mouth. I was wondering if it is possible to deepen/shown more of that... READ MORE

How do I get a stronger jawline? And thinner cheeks? (Photo)

I don't have a double chin and I'm quite thin. However I feel like my chin (especially at the very front) isn't very sharp (it's quite round) and I... READ MORE

Will masseter muscle exercises help? (Photo)

Hello everyone, I have a question about the symmetry of my masseter muscles. I used to chew an absurd amount of gum and I mainly chew on my right side... READ MORE

Would cheek implants or fat graft be the right solution for my mid face, and would there be long term effects? (Photo)

I have always had a slightly flat face, which reveals my large lower cheeks (buccal fat) and jaws. Which kind of solution would you suggest to... READ MORE

I have these unusual inverted/reverse dimples on my cheeks. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have these disgusting looking things on the side of my cheek. I don't know what they are and that is a problem. They are like reverse dimples. maybe... READ MORE

What is the best filler for cheek augmentation! Is perlane the right choice?

I need to know what is the ideal cheek shape for the masculine face, and what filler would be best to use for this purpose! Thank you all! READ MORE

How to fix cheek depression and what is the approximate cost? (Photo)

I would not like to have a fat transfer because I don't want it to increase in size! what can be done to just make a surface of skin smooth ? I... READ MORE

Do I have a fat face or a round face? (photos)

I'm thin but my face is fat and ugly and no flexible expression or defined bone can somebody help me pls? I don't have an actual name of this problem READ MORE

I'm 21 yrs old and have asymmetrical cheeks. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

Am 21 and when i take selfies i notice there is assymmety in my cheeks.The right cheek is flat where as the left cheek is round and it is so... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old and I'm wondering what I could do to slim down my face? (Photo)

I'm an average weight, and I've weighed less than I currently do and my face shape remains the same. Would Botox in the jawline be a good idea? My... READ MORE

Would a combined malar submalar implant or extended orbital rim-malar implant be best for my very concave middle face? (photos)

Dear lovely doctors, i have a very flat middle face, starting from under my eyes. I have great lateral projection on my cheek-zygomatic area already.... READ MORE

What do you think needs improving on my face? I'd like my cheeks to be more contoured and defined (Photo)

What do you think needs improving on my face? what can I do to improve my face? I found my face very small which makes me look a lot younger then I am... READ MORE

Brow bone implants, cheek implants, buccal fat removal, gonial implants-Would you recommend these procedures for me? (photo)

I have an amount of things I don't like. what options do I have to improve. 1)face has no dimension. Would brow bone implants would give me the look... READ MORE

What can I do to clear my nasolabial lines? I am VERY depressed because of them (Photo)

I am a 35 year old Asian female. As with most Asian females my age, my skin is great. I have no wrinkles/fine lines. However, I have chubby cheeks... READ MORE

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