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Is It Possible to Remove Permanent Filler?

Is it possible to remove a permament filler in cheek after 1 year, with surgery? READ MORE

Options To Permanently Remove Cheek Dents/wrinkles? (photo)

Hi everyone :D My question is i want to permantly remove the dents or wrinkles from my cheeks. I'd rather do it without surgery or injections (im... READ MORE

Pain, Numbness and Swelling on Left Side 1 Month After Cheek Implant - Permanent?

I had bilateral cheek implants on 2/15/11. Left side has always been more swollen and painful than the right. My upper lip on the left side is... READ MORE

Juvederm XC + Sculptra to Enhance Cheekbones?

I have Juvederm XC to enhance my cheekbones and correct loss of volume to upper face and I LOVE THE RESULTS. I want it to be permanent, or as long... READ MORE

Permanent Cheek Augmentation Filler? (photo)

For cheek augmentation, how do I decide about which permanent filler get injected into my cheeks? I went to a doctor and he told me about a filler... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation Recommendation? (photo)

I have seen 2 surgeons regarding my double jaw surgery and one recommended that I consider getting cheek implants, while the other one felt it wasn't... READ MORE

Permanent Fillers in the Future?

Hello I have had cheek implants (goretex) in the past, i had two operations due to assymetry with no success, unfortunatly Goretex is hard to remove.... READ MORE

What can I really do with these indentation marks on my face? (photo)

I've had these deep indents at the tops of my cheeks for a long time. I can hardly take pictures because they always show up if the lighting is not... READ MORE

Numbness After Cheek Augmentation. 7 Months After Surgery. Maybe Permanent?

I had my cheek implant surgery in a doctor's office in Beverly Hill. After 3 months of surgery, my left cheek is still numb. It's already 7 months. It... READ MORE

What are my options to make my chin and cheekbones bigger and fuller without the need of implants?

I want a bigger chin and higher cheekbones, to bring a better balance to my face. One thing I don't want in to have something plastic in my face, that... READ MORE

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