Nose + Cheek Augmentation

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Submalar Implants Vs Fillers for Improving Face Shape?

I am 45, female, thin and have always had a prominent chin, high lateral cheekbones and an average pointed nose. This gives me a crescent moon shape... READ MORE

Will a Cheek Implant Help a Long Face and Make Nose Appear Less Prominent?

I am young boy (20 years old), and it seem that I have no cheek !! my nose is very prominent. Also my face is long. I want to know does cheek implant... READ MORE

Paranasal or Premaxillary Cheek Implants?

What is the difference with the paranasal and premaxillary cheek implants? Do they both bring fullness to the area between the nose and mouth? READ MORE

Cheek Implants - Tingling Cheek/ Nose/ Eye 3 Years Post-op

Had cheek implants put in 3 years ago. On Fri night I kept getting tingling on my right cheek right below my eye. Was gone in the morning with a... READ MORE

Are my cheeks to chubby for my high cheekbones and face? Also what changes would you suggest for my cheeks and nose? (photos)

My cheeks have always been extremely fat, exspecially during smiling. I also think my nose it a weird length and size for my Facial structure. READ MORE

What Procedures Will Make my Face Have More Definition? (photo)

Hello, I am 24 years old and I would like to achieve a more angular look but am confused as to what procedure(s) would help me achieve that. I am most... READ MORE

What Should I Expect From My Results Of Mid-Facial Implants. I Do Not Like My Nose Now

I am 3 weeks post op large terino malar shells 4mm and small 4mm silicone premaxillary implant. The Malars were placed through the mouth and used to... READ MORE

Regarding my skin under my eyes my nose and my cheeks. What's the best way to improve appearance? (Photo)

Im asking this again i would appreciate if any doctor could give me more advice . Im thinking cheek implants And rhinoplasty will definitely help but... READ MORE

Can a doctor make me look the way I used to look before I was disfigured by an abuser? (Photo)

My face was altered. My cheek bones are pushed in, my nose is now pug, and the my eyelids are stretched out and my mouth looks like he shortened my... READ MORE

What's the best option for my resting face? Cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, lift lower eyelids and improve shape? Lips? (Photo)

I work in customerservice. Always told I look stoic/tired/weird. always told to smile/people assume something is wrong. My face is a bit asymmetric. I... READ MORE

Para-nasal Implant to Treat Nasolabial Folds?

Is it a good idea to get a para-nasal implant to treat Nasolabial folds? Particularly where there is a sunken area right next to the base of each... READ MORE

I'm 24, cheeks look as if they are going in & skin sags on face, why? (photos)

I am only 24, I work out a lot, go running & eat fairly healthy foods, moisturise everyday, but my skin around my nose seems to sag, it shows a lot in... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants removed. Will the changes the implants made to my face reverse themselves or are they permanent? (photo)

I had terino malar shell implants size medium placed. My nose became more down turned, lips looked like I was frowning, nose was widened, and under... READ MORE

I would like to enhance my face structure, more like a symmetric face. Is it a good idea? (photo)

It seems my cheeks are too chubby, my lips are small, my nose is deviated and I have a big forehead. Any suggestions? READ MORE

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