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Procedures Best for Puffy Cheeks and Thin Lips?

I have what I call "bulldog" cheeks, and even when I was thinner the pockets of skin on the sides of mouth would always protrude (I was once... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, I have numbness after Cheek Implants. Is this normal?

I just had cheek implants almos 2 weeks ago. It was through an intra oral incision. The left side of my lips and lower cheeks are numb. and it doesnt... READ MORE

I Feel That I Am Very Unattractive and Need to Enhance my Cheeks, Chins and Lips. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I am a 36 year old female and I feel that my face isn't very unattractive and would like to know what procedures would you recommend to make me... READ MORE

How do I get a stronger jawline? And thinner cheeks? (Photo)

I don't have a double chin and I'm quite thin. However I feel like my chin (especially at the very front) isn't very sharp (it's quite round) and I... READ MORE

I Had Cheek Implants 4 Weeks Ago and my Upper Lip is Significantly Smaller

My frenulum is not as long as it was prior to surgery and it is difficult to purse my lips together. My upper lip is overall much smaller than it was... READ MORE

Paralysis Still in Upper Right Lip a Month After Dermal Fat Transfer?

Thanks for reading my question - four weeks ago today I underwent a dermal fat graft in both my upper and lower lips, along with a chin and cheek... READ MORE

How can I get my cheekbones more defined and chiseled, lip reduction, and eye more sharper? (Photo)

I was doing my research and it said I can get cheek fillers and that's better than going under the knife. Would that be a better way? I want to have... READ MORE

How to Have More Definition?

Really attractive people usually have well-defined features. What types of procedures and enhancements can achieve this? Lip augmentation, implants?... READ MORE

Can a doctor make me look the way I used to look before I was disfigured by an abuser? (Photo)

My face was altered. My cheek bones are pushed in, my nose is now pug, and the my eyelids are stretched out and my mouth looks like he shortened my... READ MORE

Doctor removed part of my cheek bone without permission. Now my left brow, eye and lip are lower. How can this be rectified?

I had upper and lower corrective jaw surgery end of 2011. Right after the surgery, the doctor said when they went in he saw my left cheekbone seemed... READ MORE

What's the best option for my resting face? Cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, lift lower eyelids and improve shape? Lips? (Photo)

I work in customerservice. Always told I look stoic/tired/weird. always told to smile/people assume something is wrong. My face is a bit asymmetric. I... READ MORE

Numb and Tight Lip after Cheek Implant Removal.. Can it be resolved and loosen? (Photo)

Hi Dr's. I am 20 days post cheek implant removal. I am experiencing some numbness and lip asymmetry on the right side of lip. The right area of my lip... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants removed. Will the changes the implants made to my face reverse themselves or are they permanent? (photo)

I had terino malar shell implants size medium placed. My nose became more down turned, lips looked like I was frowning, nose was widened, and under... READ MORE

I would like to enhance my face structure, more like a symmetric face. Is it a good idea? (photo)

It seems my cheeks are too chubby, my lips are small, my nose is deviated and I have a big forehead. Any suggestions? READ MORE

Significant Swelling all over face after 8 months.Should I be concerned. Surgery lasted 8 hrs. Will swelling eventually go away?

I had several procedures done at once. Silicone cheek implants, lip lift, jaw contouring, forehead contouring, chin implant, lower blephroplasty and... READ MORE

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