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Can Facial Asymmetry Be Corrected?

The right side of my face is both more elevated and more prominent than the left side; the right cheekbone is more prominent, the cheek itself is... READ MORE

My Face is Not Symmetrical?

I am 24 year old female.When i was10 i noticed that whenever i tried to open my mouth wide my left side face bone(under the ear) clicked.Soon i got to... READ MORE

Possible to Get a Combination Surgery of Cheek, Chin and Jaw Implants

Im 22 and was looking to get cheek implants to have a more chisled face and I wasnt sure if theres any permanent alternatives that would be more cost... READ MORE

Reduce Malar Fat Pads, or Have Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

I really dislike the lower-mid portion of my face, which seems to be getting worse (sagging) as I age. I'm now in my mid-30's. What I dislike... READ MORE

I Have No Muscle Deffinition in Cheeks when I Smile? (photo)

I've always wondered why I don't have those folds/lines/separated cheeks when I smile. when I smile there are absolutely no lines, folds, or... READ MORE

What is a Good Option to Enhance Jaw and Cheeks?

My problem’s that my lower jaws’re weak, so my neck looks fleshy and my face undefined. My cheeks and chin don’t have a lot of... READ MORE

Tightness & Stiffness In Upper Lip & Jaw Following Cheek Implant Removal

In 08 got cheek implants (orally) but took out. Since removal in 09 have stiffness in upper lip & widening mouth feels tight. Incisions extend... READ MORE

Cheek and jaw implants?

If I get cheek and jaw implants, can i touch and handle my face often like i had no implants? What if I fall on my face? what if i fall often? what if... READ MORE

Can the cheekbones be widened?

I've got a jaw much more narrower than my head, so I would like to widen my jaw. For that to be possible, I think I would need wider cheekbones to... READ MORE

My Cheeks and Jaws Are Very Assymetrical and I Notice It when I Take Photos, Can I Change This? (No Surgery) (photo)

My left jaw looks as if it's swollen. Can I get it look like the right one? Thanks. READ MORE

What's going on with my face? And could I have broken my jaw in the past? (Photo)

I'm a physical guy. I've played all sports. I've taken elbows to the jaw,face, etc. I "maned up" the pain when it happen. Now it seems that my face is... READ MORE

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