Fat + Cheek Augmentation

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Can Cheek Implants Make Face Symmetrical?

I am 22 years old, male and my left cheek is sunken in such a way that it looks unattractive. My right cheek is also sunken but not as much as my left... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Repositioning After Fat Transfer?

I had porex malar cheek implants inserted five years ago that will be repositioned (in a lower position). However, they are engraved in fat grafts and... READ MORE

Price Range for Cheek Fat Implants

Cheek fat implants or other types like this that are at least somewhat permanent...the price range?? READ MORE

Do I have a fat face or a round face? (photos)

I'm thin but my face is fat and ugly and no flexible expression or defined bone can somebody help me pls? I don't have an actual name of this problem READ MORE

Fat transfer instead of cheekbone implants? (Photo)

I feel like I have fat in my face in all the wrong places. Is it possible I can achieve the appearance of higher cheekbones/prominent apples of cheeks... READ MORE

What is this crease in my mid cheek? (photos)

What is this crease in my mid cheek? I'm not sure if it's malar bags or pockets of fat, READ MORE

How to get rid of fat on my lower cheeks? (photos)

I have naturally fat cheeks and i am a thin person with relatively low body fat %. I am also 30 years old so i dont want to "keep" the fat any longer... READ MORE

Are repositioned fat cheekpads over cheekbone permanent or do they get thinner with age?

A plastic surgeon wants to place a silicone implant over my left cheekbone ( which is bigger than my right cheekbone) and reposition my saggibg right... READ MORE

Cant you just liposuction the fat creating the tear trough and nasolabial fold? (Photo)

My cheeks are already as fat as it is i feel like fillers will just make them chunkier. I like how m face looks when i lift it or pull it back but Im... READ MORE

What can be done to remove or significantly reduce the appearance of the extra skin or fat surrounding my mouth? (Photo)

I have very high check bones that I absolutely love! However, there's some extra fat and/or skin on both sides of my mouth (between my cheeks and... READ MORE

Can you make cheeks thinner or is there any way to remove the fat?

I am very athletic and active. I excercise and eat right and I am in very good shape. But no matter what I can't get rid of my chubby cheeks. READ MORE

How can I get rid of face fat without surgery?

Hi, I'm 17 and I'm having a huge problem with getting rid of my face fat, preferably my cheeks and around my jawline. I am really skinny too so it... READ MORE

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