Cellulite Treatment Videos

Cellulaze Targets Cellulite From Beneath the Skin

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer explains how Cellulaze eliminates cellulite from beneath the skin. VIEW NOW

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Cellulaze Laser Treatment Can Rid Patients of Cellulite

Dr. Dustin Reid from Restora Austin explains the process of Cellulaze for eliminating pesky cellulite. VIEW NOW

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Cellulaze for your Thighs

Dr. Naveen Setty demonstrates the Cellulaze procedure on one of his patients who is troubled by cellulite on her thighs. VIEW NOW

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Reaction by Viora

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Reaction by Viora. VIEW NOW

Does Liposuction Always Remove Cellulite?

Doctor David Amron discusses the removal of cellulite with Liposuction. VIEW NOW

What is Cellulaze?

Doctor David Amron discusses Cellulaze. VIEW NOW

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Cellulite Treatment Using Cellulaze

Doctor William Alison discusses cellulite treatment using Cellulaze. VIEW NOW

Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment

Doctor Dustin Reid discusses Cellulaze. VIEW NOW

Radio Frequency Treatment for Skin Tightening

Doctor Edward J. Bednar demonstrates what a radio frequency treatment is like and what you can expect while having the procedure done. VIEW NOW

How does Cellulase Work?

Doctor Bruce E. Katz discusses how Cellulase technology works to help tighten the skin, reduce dimpling, and reduce the structural changes that cause cellulite. VIEW NOW

How to Remove Fat that Diet and Exercise Wont Shake

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro discusses how to remove excess fat. VIEW NOW

Who is a Good Candidate for iLipo?

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro describes who is a good candidate for iLipo. VIEW NOW

What is Cellulaze and How Does it Work?

Dr. Bruce E. Katz describes how Cellulaze works. VIEW NOW

Treatments to Remove Cellulite

Dr. Neil S. Sadick compares treatments for removing cellulite. VIEW NOW

What is Cellulaze?

Doctor Mathew Mosher discusses what Cellulaze is and how it works. VIEW NOW