Buttocks + Cellulite Treatment

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How to Get Rid of Butt Dimples?

I want to get rid of dimples on my butt. Now at 31, I'm surprised I have dimples on my butt. What type of treatment is recommended to have a smooth... READ MORE

Very Fit Female, but Butt is Saggy with Some Cellulite. What is the Best Procedure for Me?

I've been considering everything from non-invasive (but temporary) Velasoft and Thermage to more invasive (but permanent) Smart Lipo and Vaser... READ MORE

Most Recommended Cellulite Treatment for Dimples on Butt and Legs?

I am 34, 5'2" 116 lbs (gymnast build). I have had dimply cellulite since high school. 3 years ago, I had liposuction on my inner and outer... READ MORE

Liposuction for Cellulite: Now Have Droopy Buttocks and Scars

I thought Liposuction would get rid of cellulite, but ended up with scars and a droopy bottom from the procedure years ago. What treatments can help... READ MORE

Is There an Effective Cellulite Treatment?

I would like to know if there if an effective cellulite treatment for the thighs and buttocks? If so what its called and are they done as outpatient... READ MORE

Velasmooth Better Than Endermologie for Cellulite?

I have considerable amount of cellulite from my knees upwards to my buttocks. I had Endermologie 3 years ago and it did not work. Will Velasmooth work... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Doctor Certified to Do Brazilian Cellulite Surgery or Treatment in my Area?

After seeing Dr Kare on the "Doctors" I am interested in a consultation for Brazilian Cellulite treatment in Fort Lauderale. How can I find a... READ MORE

What is the Best Cellulite Prevention / Treatment for my Age/weight?

I've had cellulite on my rear and thighs for 3 yrs now. My rear is cottage cheese city and the back of my thighs have large horizontal lumps. I do... READ MORE

Can We Completely Remove Cellulite?

I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs and buttocks , i changed my lifestyle and apply cellulite creams and laser and it looks better by time but i... READ MORE

What do you recommend to plump up my flattening, sagging rear and cellulite outer thighs? (photo)

I'd like a rounder, plumper and somewhat perkier bottom that looks natural. I've met with 2 docs about BBL. However, I've had liposuction done in most... READ MORE

Can Deep Depressions in Butt Fat Be Smoothed?

I know some call it cellulite but that is usually cottage cheese like. I am talking about involuntary "winking" with each step I take. I discovered... READ MORE

What's the best option treatment for cellulite? Or do I just need Liposuction?

I have some cellulite in the back upper side of my legs and on my buttocks. Is there any treatment or something that I can do to get rid of it? I... READ MORE

I have problems with cellulite and hanging skin with my arms and thighs and not sure if lifts are my only option?

I have ALOT of cellulite on my thighs and buttocks and hanging skin on my arms. I want to know if surgery is my only option or are some of the new... READ MORE

How can I treat extreme cellulite?

I have had a lot of cellulite my whole life even though I am active, fit and thin. I am 44 years old and cellulite plagues my front, back thigh, knees... READ MORE

Is there any other approach than surgery that will leave lasting results? (photos)

I am 18 years old and I have been having cellulite since middle school and it is embrassing and uncomfortable when you have to wear multiple clothes... READ MORE

My daughter is 15 years old, 5'5 and weighs 110 pounds. She is fit but has cellulite on her butt and a double butt on both sides

She has been exercising and on the track team. It is not going away and she is very self conscious about it. What would be the best way to get rid of... READ MORE

Cellulite treatments available? (Photo)

I had two bbl now I have cellulite on my bottom I need to know what I can do I hate it READ MORE

Any surgeons that can perform Cellulite submission for dimples in the southeast? (photos)

I had subcision to release the fibrous septae in several cellulite dimples on the buttocks about a year ago. I am happy with the results, the dimples... READ MORE

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