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Will Cellulaze Really Work?

I saw a cellulite treatment called Cellulaze on The Doctors last week. It sounds really promising, but so does every other cellulite treatment... READ MORE

What Is The Cost of Cellulaze? Are The Results Permanent?

Hi, I suffer from severe cellulite. I am so excited about this new cellulaze procedure, however I am concerned about the cost..i am wondering if the... READ MORE

What Are the Grades for Cellulite, and Which Ones is Cellulaze Most Effective at Treating?

I have heard their are different grades of cellulite. How do you know which grade you are? What is the criteria? Also, does Cellulaze only work on... READ MORE

Is Cellulaze Worth the Investment? What is the Success Rate?

I am hearing about the Cellulaze treatment but noticed it is definitely an investment. Is it worth the 3000-6000 dollars, and will my cellulite be... READ MORE

If I Have a Second Cellulaze Treatment Done Will It Smooth Things out Even More?

I know Cellulaze is meant to be a one time treatment, but if the cellulite is super bad and is reduced to a lower grade with the first treatment,... READ MORE

How Much Does the Cellulaze Treatment Cost?

How much should I expect to invest in this procedure, and are there alternative methods that work just as well? Does the price vary per area of the... READ MORE

Cellulaze for Woman in Early 60's: Less Effective Than for Younger Women?

Does there tend to be less correction for women who are older? I would imagine that factors such as health, activity level, whether or not on... READ MORE

Is It Advisable to Use Vasershape to Increase the Results of Cellulaze?

Just curious if you would recommend using Vasershape after Cellulaze and how effective it would be at evening out/contouring post-cellulaze??? If so,... READ MORE

How Does Cellulaze Work?

Hello, How scientifically does this procedure work? Are there videos out there explaining it? READ MORE

What Factors Increase/decrease Your Chances of Having a Good Result from CELLULAZE?

I am considering having the Cellulaze treatment done. I'm 25, am 5'9 118 lbs never fluctuated with my weight and exercise. Still, can't change... READ MORE

I’ve Tried Many Methods to Get Rid of Cellulite. How Does Cellulaze Actually Work?

Can you please explain the Cellulaze procedure for me so that I understand why it is better than other treatments and creams? READ MORE

​It is best to be in great shape before undergoing cellulaze? More Questions About Cellulaze?

It is best to be in great shape before undergoing cellulaze? Will having strong/toned thigh muscles under the cellulite help the results? Is there any... READ MORE

What is your latest view on Cellulaze?

I have read a lot and not all good. Is there a particular Dr. that can be recommended in the NY Metro area? I would dread spending the money only to... READ MORE

Cellulite - it can't be cured BUT what is the most effective temporary treatment? (NOT Cellulaze/Vasersmooth yet, please).

I know that there is at present no proven permanent cure for cellulite. (I'll be keeping an eye on Cellulaze and Vasersmooth to see what the long-term... READ MORE

Does Cellulaze tighten sagging skin, specifically upper thighs? Compare to Thermage & Velashape, effectiveness & price?

I was originally looking into thermage for treatment of upper thighs. I am 53 years old, 5'8" and 115 lbs. I have been a runner all my life and active... READ MORE

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