Silicone Implant + Butt Implants

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Do Hips Look Larger After Getting Butt IMPLANTS? (photo)

I`ve done my research and everything, and I'm getting 600CC`s Solid Silicone in EACH CHEEK. Bilateral Oval shape. I want the ``apple bottom`` look. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Custom Silicone Hip Implants for a Hourglass Figure?

Hi, I am 5`6 and i weight about 125 pounds. I am very slim. I have a small waist, & I want to get buttock implants and i want wider hips. I want... READ MORE

Best Buttock Implant - Solid Silicone or Silicone-Filled?

I'm getting butt implants but i dont know which one would best for me.solid silicone or silicone filled implant and would is the average cost for... READ MORE

Can Butt Implants Be Squeezed?

I was wondering how soft the Semi-Solid silicone butt implants feel? How flexible is this material? not just in the butt, but when you hold it in your... READ MORE

Cohevise Gel Butt Implants > Silicone Implants?

I'll be getting butt implants in the US since I can't gain weight & there aren't any canadian doctors specializing in this. However, my only... READ MORE

1 year post op of Butt Implants. My left butt cheek has a dent from a cortisone shot. Is this normal? (photos)

300 cc ,round semi-solid silicon, below the muscle. What did my Dr. do wrong? I have had these for a year in November. My left butt cheek has a dent... READ MORE

Gluteal silicone implants seem terrifying! How do they stay in place for an Butt Implant?

Im 5'7, 120 lbs, very little extra fat, except maybe my abdominal area. Not only am I an unlikely candidate for the BBL, but it seems very unappealing... READ MORE

What is the maximum size for a butt solid silicone implants for 5'2, 135 lbs. girls? (photo)

I just had Breast implants im now 36d and I also had an Ab Lipo, I don't like that I'm top heavy and my butt is very small so I would like a fuller,... READ MORE

I Have Silicone Implants in my Gluteus for 14 Years, my Concern is if I Need to Replace my Implants?

The Dr. that did my procedure told me I can stay with the implants for 15 years. I should get a check up to know how my implants are ? Please help me... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Continue Working out in a Normal Way After my Butt Implants Heal?

I want to get butt implants ( i want to get the procedure, where, dont know how its called but the one where the sillicone goes behind the muscle not... READ MORE

I am trying to get butt implants / gluteal / silicone. I don't want to spend too much - where should I go to get this done?

I want a much larger butt , I don't want to spend to much so where would be a reasonable place to get this procedure done or something similar READ MORE

Are there any high semi-solid round silicon implants bigger than 600cc? I like the gummy bear feeling but in round shape.

I dont want them soft gel silicon, i want them semi-solid bc i want to use them for my butt and the ones use here in the USA f are too hard.Silimed... READ MORE

What's a better type of implant? Cohesive gel implants or silicone?

Since I'm too small for a BBL, I decided to go with implants. What is the difference between cohesive gel implants that they use in Mexico DR etc and... READ MORE

How long does it take for a gluteal dehiscence to close? (photo)

S/P gluteal implant 250 cc round silicone. I'm a Healthy female with no medical problems.On Post op day 10. I had a wound dehiscence of the right... READ MORE

Why isn't my incision closing after I had butt implants? (Photo)

It has been almost two months since I had butt implants. I had 375 ccs of cohesive silicone implants placed intramuscularly. I had my drains in for 4... READ MORE

Has my silicone butt implant ruptured? I had cohesive silicone butt implants with intramuscular placement last July

I fell while walking down some stairs landing on my left buttock. I am sore but today starting having a "wet" sensation inside the buttock. Now I... READ MORE

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