Replacement + Butt Implants

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Booty Implants: when Do They Harden?

Can some tell me about butt implants and when they harden and need replacing READ MORE

What Type of Butt Implant is Best? What's Normal Longevity?

I am planning on getting butt implants but do not know much about what implant is best and what position to have them placed in. Are they similar to... READ MORE

Buttock Implant Removal and Bigger Replacement

After Removing Buttuck Implants, Can You Have Some More Replaced for a Bigger Size? READ MORE

Butt implant replacement. Am I likely to develop another seroma? (Photo)

I got the right side removed 2 weeks ago due to an infection after draining a seroma through the incision but I didn't remove both bc I really loved... READ MORE

Buttock Implants-10 Years Old Want to Have Corrected! What is the Price for Revision Implant Surgery Using Same Implants?

Hi! I absolutely love my butt implants, I had them for 10 years but not with me working out alot they have shifted. They look and feel nice but up... READ MORE

I Have Silicone Implants in my Gluteus for 14 Years, my Concern is if I Need to Replace my Implants?

The Dr. that did my procedure told me I can stay with the implants for 15 years. I should get a check up to know how my implants are ? Please help me... READ MORE

Can I Remove my Butt Implants and Get New Implants in the Same Day? But my Scar Tissue Around my Implant is Kind of Hard.

I've had butt implants in for about five years now. And the doctor that did them placed them under the skin alitte under the muscle. Now I have scar... READ MORE

Does butt implants last forever or do they need to be replaced?

Do butt implants last forever I do you have to get them my place after 10 years? If but implants are not changed after years, do they deform and... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift After Removal of Large Implants? if I Am Going to Be Replacing Them in 5 Months with Smaller Ones?

I got implants about 5 years ago and I damaged the right one being to rough with it and developed a seroma. I am having them removed so they can clean... READ MORE

What are some Butt implant pricing?

I had to remove one implant due to infection at implant site only - surgery was today. While my insurance covered the removal I'm back on my own to... READ MORE

Will butt cheeks look uneven when u have to replace only one side? (photo)

I had to remove the right side after getting it infected when sera was drained through the incision. I'm now one month post removal and know I have to... READ MORE

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