Projection + Butt Implants

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How Long Should I Wait for Butt Implants After a BBL? (photo)

Had BBL done nine weeks ago you can see from pics there is no projection at all. I had 2300ccs lipoid off and 800cc placed into each cheek. Were the... READ MORE

What kind of buttock implants will widen my hips somewhat and give me projection? (Photo)

I feel my hips are narrow compared to the width at which my shoulders stand.So I'd like some enhancement there. I'd also like butt projection... READ MORE

Removal of Butt Implants?

I am disappointment with my gluteal implants after the swelling subsided I lost the projection I was looking for then to top it all off my incision... READ MORE

BBL or implants? Do implants have to be redone after 10 years? How long does it take to get used to them? (Photo)

I was told the fat transfer doesn't last and I don't have enough to really give me projection and roundness. I am 5'2" and 145lbs 33% body fat. One... READ MORE

I would like to do butt implants. Is it 200 cc round shape enough for me? (photos)

I would like to do butt implants.My doctor said that for me is enough 200cc oval shape because I want more that projection i profile? Do you think is... READ MORE

How can my body be fix? (photos)

I had butt implants and lipo in my back , flanks and side of my legs 3 months ago. I know is too soon but things are getting worst, my implants are... READ MORE

Is there specific Butt Implants for projection? (photos)

Hello, Is there specific implants for projection?? is this just a specific shape?? And does this shape have a name? I would also like to know what the... READ MORE

Why does round have more projection than oval?

Hi I'm wondering why does round always have more projection I've seen pics of oval.and they Don't have as much projection. I'm 5'2 and want projection... READ MORE

Is Butt implants round 250 cc small for me?

I'm getting my implants in Europe(i cant go tu USA for some reasons).My doctor told me that the biggest size for round implants is 300 cc.I decide to... READ MORE

After Butt Implants does the projection get bigger after the muscles have stretched?

Some say after 1 month butt gets bigger due muscles have relaxed to allow butt implants to poke out more, is this true? I hear many say "fluff", what... READ MORE

Which size implant gives the most projection?

I'm thinking of going with 460cc round implantech brand underneath muscle.. I want a big difference READ MORE

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