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Butt Implant Sizes

Are there different sizes for the butt implants like the ones for breast implant in cubic centimeters? Thanks. READ MORE

What is the Most Common Butt Implant Used and Its Size?

I want to know what type such as a round type or tear shaped butt implant used? And where on line can I see the shape of in real woman? READ MORE

Low Profile Implants - Will They Provide A More Natural Look?

My own breast is 12,7 cm - I am considering changing implants to a low profile implant - Perthese 220cc, 11,8 cm, 2,9 projection. My present implants... READ MORE

What Size Implant Would You Say Would Give Me Large but Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

I am 5'7 and 200 pounds. I currently wear a 38 B. My BWM is 15. I would like to balance out my chest and hips. My measurements are currently... READ MORE

What Size Buttock Implant?

Hi i had the fat transfer procedure in May it didnt work as i didnt have much fat. What size buttock implant would give a noticeable result to me im... READ MORE

Are 290CC Butt Implants Enough for Small-framed Woman?

I am considering having Buttock implants. I am a very small framed woman 5'3" 108lb. I want my results to be noticeable in my clothing but... READ MORE

Male butt implants (photos)

I was thinking about getting bum implants due to the fact I feel that my bum is way too small I want to increase my bum to around 42-46 inches .. My... READ MORE

I am going to get Butt Implants in February 2014 and I want to know if I can choose any size I want.

I live in NJ and went for a consultation here in New Jersey and the doctor said he can do the Medium round implant. If I'm going to go threw with the... READ MORE

What size butt implants would I need? 5'8 120lbs (Photo)

What size butt implants would I need to get a look similar to the wish pic? & what size would you recommend for my size in general? I'm almost 5'8... READ MORE

Wanting to get butt implants, what is the cost, surgery method, and size that would look perfect for me? (photos)

I am 22yo, about 5'3 and 96lbs. Considering to get butt implants since exercising & squats doesn't work for me and isn't enough to get full look. I... READ MORE

Looking at the shape of my butt, what implant and size would you recommend I get, oval or round? (photo)

Please let me know what shape implant would you recommend based on my photo . Also size I wanted to get 360cc. Thank you. READ MORE

What size of butt implants should I go with? (petite - 5'2 - 110lbs) (photo)

I trying to find more information on butt implants; please provide your suggestions and recommendations. Thank you. READ MORE

What size butt implants would look natural on my body?

I'm a female, 5'4 and I weigh around 115lbs. I'm looking into getting butt implants but I was wondering which size would look the most natural on my... READ MORE

I am 5'4 1/2, 131 lbs. What size implant would fit me Intramuscular/Submuscular?

Im completely flat right now so BBL is not an option for me. I don't want a donkey booty either, just something that sticks out, is noticeable and... READ MORE

Can butt implants be cut down in size? (Photo)

My Dr is going with 460cc but I may want it smaller say 430 or 400. Can this be achieved? READ MORE

What shape (round/oval) and size of butt implants do you recommend for me? (photo)

I am looking into getting butt implants but I need help choosing the right shape. What would look better on me, Round or Oval? If possible, how many... READ MORE

What implant size and shape should I ask for? (photos)

Im skinny small legs 5"4 120 pounds and im not flat i just want a lil more of volume READ MORE

What size and shape buttock implant do you recommend? (photos)

I am going to do lipo and grafting. I want to have that heart shape figure from behind with a round full bottom, but I also want some projection from... READ MORE

What size of implant can I choose for look like her? (photos)

What size of implant Can I choose for look like her? If I Put 400cc intramuscular Will I recieve what I want?Thank you READ MORE

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