Fat Graft + Butt Implants

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Would Butt Implants Give Me a Firmer Harder Butt over Fat Grafting?

I have had three children and worked out hard with a trainer to get my body back in shape but no matter how much I diet or exercise I cant firm up my... READ MORE

Butt Implants And Fat Injections To Hips and thighs?

I was wondering if this is safe to do? Would the results be drastic? I kind of want a video vixen look. Like very thick thighs and hips and small... READ MORE

I'm Torn Btw Butt Enhancement with Either Fat Grafting or Implant?

I want lasting effects. I don't want to pay so much just to have the fat reabsorbed and have to go for touch ups and for the implant I'm not sure if... READ MORE

Can my butt implants improve in their own or will I need a revision? (Photo)

I am 3 months after my butt implants, I was looking just for a little shape, nothing big, just perkier... Dr put 400 high profile implants and some... READ MORE

To look like my wish pic, what butt implant size do I need and which areas need lipo? (Photo)

Is any fat grafting needed and what implant shape should i get i also am concern about size i dont want to go to small.can i get lipo on my knees they... READ MORE

I need a good doctor for Butt Implants and fat grafting ASAP!!X

Butt Implants W/ Fat Gratfing!! I have been saving and researching this surgery for two years now and I finally READY ! :) I need a doctor in the... READ MORE

Male, thick skin, 23, trying to achieve max size with fewer complications. What size would you recommend? (Photo)

What size would you recommend, what shape? i want an african type butt thats as large as possible but with fullness up top as well. like a "bubble"... READ MORE

Do you think this hourglass look is achievable for me? (photos)

Thank you for reading, I wish to get buttocks implants and fat grafting from stomach to the hips and thighs, i say this instead of just a bbl because... READ MORE

I would like to get Butt Implants with Fat Grafting and Breast Implants. How long should I wait between surgeries?

I would like to get butt implants with fat grafting & then breast implants. Is there a specific wait time? Can I get them both at the same time? Or... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in Dallas, TX who perform butt implants with fat transfer on top to hide the implants?

Wondering if any Dallas doctors can perform butt implants with fat transfer/grafting to the butt on top to hide the implants? And if so what would the... READ MORE

Butt implants and fat grafting (Photo)

Will 450cc intramuscular butt implants and fat grafting to hips give me a round butt? Or would a butt lift with implants be a better option for me. I... READ MORE

Can I get Butt Implants with fat grafting (transfer) to the butt on top?

Do I have to have less fat than a normal bbl patient if I get butt implants and then fat on top of them? How much is the total for these procedures... READ MORE

Is it safe to do fat grafting to my butt and butt implants at the same time?

I want aggresive lipo on my stomach but read its not recommended if getting butt implants due too laying on belly for recovery. Is this true? READ MORE

What size butt implant do I need? Or how much fat for a fat transfer? (photos)

I'm 120 lbs, 5'3 and I want to get butt implants, my doctor said the biggest he'll go is size 3, will this size actually give me a bigger booty? Or if... READ MORE

I'm wanting butt implants. I'm not a candidate for fat transfer. I'm looking for Dr in the St Louis, Memphis area.

Memphis is 3 hrs away, St. Louis 2 1/2 and I'm close to KY and ARK, IL. I would like a top Dr. And am willing to travel to FL...any suggestions READ MORE

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