Exercise + Butt Implants

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Will Strenuous Sit Up Exercises Damage/ruin Butt Implants Once Healed? Since They Direct Pressure on the Implant Location?

I'm an avid exerciser and love working my core. Many of my ab exercises involve pivoting myself on my backside and twisting to work my obliques or... READ MORE

Wanting to get butt implants, what is the cost, surgery method, and size that would look perfect for me? (photos)

I am 22yo, about 5'3 and 96lbs. Considering to get butt implants since exercising & squats doesn't work for me and isn't enough to get full look. I... READ MORE

Will Butt implants effect my ability to do sit ups? (photo)

My job requires me to exercise regularly. have to to a fitness test every six months and Sit ups are one of the areas. Will Butt implants effect my... READ MORE

When Can I Exercise After Having Butt Implants Surgery?

I had surgery august 29th so it's been almost 2 months. I live out of town from where I had surgery. I can never get a hold of my doctor or nurse.... READ MORE

How soon can I drive after Butt Implants? How soon can I exercise?

I'm one week post op. Butt implants above the muscle. I'm 22 & healthy. How soon can I drive with blankets under me to cushion? How soon can I ride my... READ MORE

What happens if you lose weight after getting butt implants? Will the implants be visible even if they are placed in the muscle?

I should be weighing 120 but I weigh 130 pounds right now. I've gained a lot in my love handles, arms, and face. I'm planning to get butt implants and... READ MORE

Do butt implants limit my physical training? Are there many different shape options in the implants? How to find best surgeon?

I am physically very active: I I like to workout, alot, am a dancer I do split jumps and all this kind of "heavy" stuff. Can safely have butt implants... READ MORE

How long after glute implant surgery can I go back to cardio?

How many weeks post gluteal implant surgery can I go back to the stepmill ? I am 5 weeks out & have just been walking. READ MORE

After butt implants, are there any exercise I should not do? How long should I wait to go back to the gym?

Im thinking about getting butt implants along with fat transfer because I do not have enough fat. I have a few questions I workout 5 days a week. 1... READ MORE

Is it possible filling the hip area of my body with another material other than body fat? (photos)

I'm male and I'm thinking of working out the muscles of my hips, upper thighs and butt, so I can get a more wide hip size. However, I want to fill the... READ MORE

Is it really important to do a butt transplant? Does butt changes with squats and exercise which is more better?

Can't send you the pics it's privacy can't do that I just want to know that butt transplant is better or exercise does it changes with exercise....... READ MORE

I am 4 months post op Butt Implants and I have been dancing and/or exercising for the past 2 months and feel pain.

When I shake my butt or jump I feel pain and burning , I cannot due particular exercises neither also I can feel the implant on one side I had fluid... READ MORE

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