3 Weeks Post-op + Butt Implants

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I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

My implants were placed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The drains were removed about 4 days ago, and since, I have a lot more pain on my left side. The lower... READ MORE

Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

I am having right side buttock and calf pain 3 wks post-op from butt implants 335 ccs. I am on Lyrica for a week to see if it will help. I was told... READ MORE

Is the fluid color in the drain normal 19 days after butt implants surgery? (Photo)

I went to the Er and they did a cat scan on me, and blood. He said that was inflammation and possible infection.but not to worry and wait. put me in... READ MORE

Butt implants are hard & swollen. What is wrong? (Photo)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I'm in so much pain. I can not sit & it's very hard to the touch. Today I went for a post op visit & fluid was drained,... READ MORE

I squatted to quickly 2 1/2 wks. After buttock incision reopened, will I be ok? (photo)

Help! I squated by accident to quick 2 1/2 wks. After redoing incision from butt implants in between buttocks. Will I be ok? Could I have reopened it... READ MORE

Fluid around butt implants. How many times do I need to get it drained? (photo)

I got my booty implants sept 11, 2014. They were placed above the muscle. At my one week post op check up I had fluid drained & again at my two week... READ MORE

3 weeks post Butt Implants, my incision is draining - is this an infection of something bad? (photo)

My sx was 4/8/14 and I'm been draining for 5 days already every day is less.i went to the doctor wed and he told everything was normal I been taking... READ MORE

I'm three weeks post intramuscular butt implants (450cc semi solid round).

No other complications except I had numbness in fonts of my left thigh right after surgery. It is getting a bit better but is not back 100%.... READ MORE

Butt implant wound healing. (photo)

Hello I had butt implants intramuscular fat grafting & lipo 20 days ago my incision still open and not healed I'm panicking ! I'm doing daily dressing... READ MORE

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