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What Types of Surgery or Injection Options are there for Butt Augmentation? (photo)

Hi, me and my sister are looking to find some kind of injection or surgery something to make our butts bigger. We want something that is FDA approved,... READ MORE

I Am 21 Year Old Female with No Hips - Options?

Hi, I wanted to know if there was a such thing as a woman not having hips? If yes, as I do believe it is (I feel I am one) would this procedure help?... READ MORE

I Have Butt Dents Even Though I Exercise, and Seems to Get Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

Im 43 i have a dent in each butt cheek,, the right worse than left,, i exercise and nothing works well,, the older i get the worse it seems,, im a... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Without Implants or Fat Transfer

I want a big bum but not implants or fat transfer, is there anything else? I am from London and i cant seem to find any answers here. I really want a... READ MORE

Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

Okay, so I am unhappy with not the size of my rear end, but with the saggy/long appearance. I have a little fat on my sides which i could u se for a... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of Liquid Silicone in my Butt. What and How Can I Do It?

The silicone injections have moved and infected and I want to get rid of it. What will be the procedure?? READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Butt? (photo)

So, I am 70lbs lighter than I used to be, losing 50lbs this past year! I am getting a FTT and breast work soon. I love curves and have always had a... READ MORE

Wanting To Fix Dent In Right Butt Cheek from a Steroid Shot That I Got when I Was Younger. How?

I have a dent in my right butt cheek and when I wear pants It's noticeable. READ MORE

Is Bioplasty a Safe and Permanent Option for Buttocks Augmentation?

I've been going back and forth about deciding to do a fat transfer or to get bioplasty for buttocks augmentation. I've Googled til my face... READ MORE

Soybean Oil Safe for Buttock Augmentation?

I have heard about girls getting soybean oil injected into their buttocks to increase size. Is this safe? READ MORE

Options for Butt Augmentation?

I am very interested in butt augmentation. I *really* like the idea of the Brazilian butt lift, however, I am 5'9 and 120 lbs and I do not have... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation or Implant for a Plus Size Woman?

Hello Doctors! I have a question about buttock implants / augmentation. I am a plus size woman (5’7” 200 lb) who is not interested in losing... READ MORE

Butt Injections. Not Implants, Not Surgical; What Are My Options, the Costs, Doctor Referral?

I have no butt at all and was really trying to look into butt injections not implants or any type of surgery I'm moving to vegas and wanted to... READ MORE

I Am Skinny and Would Like to Lift my Butt and Widen my Hips. Any Non-Surgical Options?

I am skinny with no hips or butt. What can i do to take care of tthis problem? Anything other than surgical. READ MORE

Very Thin and Tall Girl "Model Build" 5'9 125lbs, Hip and Butt Implants Options at Age 21?

I am having a hard time gaining weight in my hips and butt. I pretty much already mind that I want butt implants. But I've seen pictures of girls... READ MORE

How Can I Get my Butt Bigger Quick Without Silicone or Transfering Fat That I Dont Have?

I have no shape what so ever. Little hips and very small butt. what can I do to fix this problem? READ MORE

I Had Silicone Injections About 2 Months Ago and Now I Have Discoloration Around my Buttocks. What To Do?

You can see a print around the area where the silicone was inejected it is a little darker than my brwon skin. its like a tint of color.its like my... READ MORE

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