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What's the Best Butt Augmentation Procedure, in General?

What is your best advice for me to have my butt the way I want it? I really really want a big butt and I've done everything like butt workouts and... READ MORE

I Have Butt Dents Even Though I Exercise, and Seems to Get Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

Im 43 i have a dent in each butt cheek,, the right worse than left,, i exercise and nothing works well,, the older i get the worse it seems,, im a... READ MORE

How Do I Get a Rounder and Butt Shape Like Girls?

I am a thin boy. I play gym exercises and got very wide shoulders as side effect . Now, I need a round butt ( like girls have) just not only muscle in... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce or Remove Muscle in the Left Buttock?

I bought an exercise machine 10 years ago and put more pressure on my left leg. This greatly increased the muscle size in my left buttock. I then put... READ MORE

I Have A Problem My Right Butt Cheek Is Uneven And I Want To Know How Can I Bring It Back Without Losing My Butt?

Should I start leg lifts or do I have to see a doctor lm sorry but I don't have the right kind of camera to send picture please help!!! READ MORE

How Long Should a Patient Wait to Sit Down After Glute Augmentation Procedure? Wear High Heels?

How long should a patient wait to seat down, run and cycle after a glute augmentation procedure? Wear high heels? Thanks in advance! READ MORE

Will Developing Gluteal Muscles Thru Healthy Diet and Butt Excercise Enhance my Buttock Augmentation Via Fat Grafting Results?

I am aware that the survival of adipose tissue depends on the blood supply provided by the different gluteal muscles. So to me it makes sense that if... READ MORE

I have a very dispropotionate butt. What is the shape of it? Can exercise help me reshape it? (Photo)

What is the shape of my butt? i have a very dispropotionate butt what is the shape? or type? and can exercise help me reshape it? can i have it more... READ MORE

Why is my left butt check fatter than the right check? Will it ever be the same if I keep exercising the one side only? (photo)

I can feel it when I'm walking that the one side of my check is bigger than the other because of the dimple, this hasn't happened since I started... READ MORE

What is the best and fastest way to get rid of butt dimples? (photos)

It started to form around 12 and 13.I always exersize .IM A good 120 and I do squats.a lot. These butt dimples will not go away.I'm only 15 READ MORE

Can I get my butt bigger naturally, with exercises?

So..I have read in many websites that you can make your big naturally bigger with exercises like squats,lunges.. but is this true? I always thought... READ MORE

I'm a 75 yr old athletic male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 yrs I've lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly

I am a 75 year old athlete male 155 lbs, 5' 7". Over the last 15 years I have lost 4 inches on my butt, even though I exercise greatly. #1 Is the best... READ MORE

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