090-109 Lbs + Butt Augmentation

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How Do I Gain Weigh in my Hips and Butt?

I'm 5'3 weighs 100lbs and I'm 24. I'm so ashamed of my size cuz I got no ass and no hips not to mention breast. I'm seriously in need of help I'm not... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Butt Injections and Butt Implants?

I am debating whether I want to get butt shots or the implants... I want to know the difference between the two and which would be better for me... I... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Vs Implants?

Hello, I am 5'2 , 23years, 48Kg. I have a butt augmentation scheduled for September 9th, though I would like to get a second opinion as to which... READ MORE

Are butt implants safe?

I'd like to undergo butt augmentation but I'm so hesitant. I know that injections aren't FDA approved nor are they safe, that being said injections... READ MORE

Why I have a dent in both butt cheeks? Can I get rid of them?

Im a 15 year old female who weighs 105 pounds and is about 5 foot 3.5 and im quite skinny. So, on both butt cheeks i have a big dent, and i wanted to... READ MORE

Butt Implants VS Butt Fat Injections? Best Doctors for Either?

Please consider personal information rather than writing a general answer! All help is greatly appreciated. I am 18 years old, 5 5, and weigh 109... READ MORE

I Am Only 105 Pounds, Will I Be Able to Get a Butt Augmentation?

I do not want to get implants because many surgeons don't recommend them. I think i am to skinny to get a fat transfer. Is there anyway i can gain... READ MORE

Super dented right butt cheek due to trauma and undergone surgery. What can be done to fix this problem? (Photo)

When I was between 5-7 years old a doctor performed a surgery on my right cheek due to an accident/trauma on my right cheek and became cystic. My... READ MORE

Am I too Small?

I'am considering buttock implants while reading other questions I see transmitting fat to the area is a less harmful way? My question is if I am to... READ MORE

Should I have butt augmentation? (Photo)

Okay, I'll be 18 next year. I'm about 5'1 and 98lb and want a fat transfer to my butt/hips. My metabolism is extremely high and I was wondering how... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Butt Augmentation or Implants?

I'm looking for forward to get Butt Augmentation or Implants but I have a few concern with my health problems , 1. I'm a skinny (wight100 5'1). 2. am... READ MORE

I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift but was told I don't have enough body fat. What are my other options for Butt Augmentation?

97lbs 5'2 20 years old I have tried for years to gain weight but I couldn't even gain weight when I was pregnant. READ MORE

Can anyone in the metro NY area do a tuck of the lower buttock for sagging/flatness of the lower buttocks?

I think it's skin sag & loss of supporting structure of lower buttock than a fat issue. I'm physically fit. 100 lbs at 5'4. No fat injections bec... READ MORE

What are the indents on my butt and how do I get rid of them? (Photo)

So I have these indents on both my butt cheeks that stand out like a light reflector in the dark when I walk or run. I have never had butt injections... READ MORE

What procedure to enhance my buttock is best without involving harmful injections?

I am African American n sort small but built for my size just have a sort f flat backside an need to know best procedure. I am petite 4 ft. 11 in. and... READ MORE

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