Uneven + Buccal Fat Removal

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Options To Permanently Reverse Buccal Fat Removal?

I had buccal fat removal and was told my face would look slimmer but now i have uneven cheeks and it looks like i have 2 dents. I am looking for a... READ MORE

One cheek is chubbier than the other side of my face please help? (photo)

I noticed one cheek is chubbier than the other I would like to even it out with the other side of my face but I don't want fillers because I like the... READ MORE

Is Buccal Fat Removal a Good Option for Asymmetrical Lower Cheeks?

I have chubby cheeks - it runs in my family - but one cheek is considerably larger than the other. Would it help to remove some fat from the larger... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Face? How can I fix my smile? (photo)

I'm not sure if its my nose shape, mouth, or cheek fat that makes me look really bad when I smile. Please give me feedback on how I can fix my smile.... READ MORE

A Bump Under my Ears? (photo)

So I have a bump right under my ears one is more obvious than the other and I asked a surgeon before and he said it was my massator muscle but I... READ MORE

Uneven After Buccal Fat Removal

I had it done in march of this year and i'm not happy with my cheeks. I wanted a slimmer face but now it looks lifeless & uneven. I feel like... READ MORE

Treatment for Lower Cheek Fat (Already Had Buccal Fat Surgery)?

Hi, I had buccal fat pads removed already, but am still concerned about the fat in my lower cheek (below where the buccal fat was removed). The fat on... READ MORE

Question About Buccal Fat Removal?

Hi i was looking to get buccal fat removal on my cheeks for a slimmer face, but one side of my face is thinner than the other. in fact, this is not a... READ MORE

The jaw line seems to be aligned, but there seems to be more "fat" on the left side than my right? (photo)

It is almost like the left is "swollen", because other features of my face (i.e. mouth and eyes) seems to be pushed away due to the extra "fat". My... READ MORE

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