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Crooked Smile After Bichat Pad Removal, Is It Permanent Damage? (photo)

I did a removal of the bichat pads 8 months ago. Even after all this time, my smile is crooked. Greatly reduced the fat of the face, but the right... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal and my Weird Smile After 1 Day? (photo)

I had it done by Dr Pichet yesterday.I had a longer incision on the right side which is swollen more than the left side. I have a strange smile like... READ MORE

When Will Swelling from Buccal Pad Removal Go Down?

I got a chin implant, buccal pad removal, and neck lipo the 25th. My cheeks are huge & look aweful as well as my neck. Ive been taking arnica and... READ MORE

Do You Think Getting the Fat in my Cheeks Removed Will Help Make It Easier to Smile? (photo)

I feel like my cheeks are very fat and even fatter when I smile. My mouth is also thin (horizontally) and I feel like I have to put in a lot of effort... READ MORE

Can Buccal Fat Removal Bring More Definition to my Smile? (photo)

I have naturally stretchy skin with very fat cheeks. Would undergoing liposuction or buccal fat removal bring more shape into my face. The first photo... READ MORE

Damaged smile nerves?

I had a facelift and neck lift and fat removal platysmaplasty done and now I have a "Joker" smile! You can see the insides of my mouth at the corners... READ MORE

Solution for Big Fatty Cheeks, Especially when Smiling?

Whenever my face is at rest my upper cheeks appear a bit large but the problem becomes worse when I smile. When I smile my nasolabial folds make my... READ MORE

How can I get rid of buccal fat? (Photo)

I was wondering what I can do to get rid of the fat on my cheeks when I smile and the double chin READ MORE

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