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Is Buccal Fat Removal or Mandible Reduction Right For Me? (photo)

I am getting b-fat removal and rhinoplasty in Taiwan. Have seeked few clinics-some say I only need b-fat removal and some say I need mandible... READ MORE

Zeltiq or Ulthera for Cheeks?

Hello everyone, I had been considering a buccal fat excision for a couple years, but because of my age (22) I decided against it. I do not have excess... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Buccal Fat Removal in Las Vegas

I'm considering buccal fat removal if not facial lipo in Las Vegas. I have hard time finding plastic surgeon who has experiences in cheek fat... READ MORE

Which is better: Buccal Fat Removal or Laser Liposuction for chubby cheeks? (photos)

I am 34 yrs old, I have chubby cheeks, I was considering Buccal fat removal. I went to a surgeon but he recommended laser liposuction on my face... READ MORE

Would a chin implant provide a sharper jawline and more masculine appearance? (Photo)

I'm looking to for a solution to my round cheeks. I want a sharper jawline and a more defined look. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and... READ MORE

What would it be better for me; Buccal fat removal or chin implant? Am I a candidate for Buccal fat removal? (photo)

I have a round face and big cheeks. This makes me feel really fat and uncomfortable. A while ago I was way too skinny but I loved how my face looked,... READ MORE

What can you recommend to make my face slimmer? (Photo)

Hi, im 27 years old, I'm asian. i want to make my face slim. i don't know what procedure i will take is it botox for jawline or buccal fat removal?... READ MORE

Should I go for buccal fat removal or just RF procedures to melt fats on my face? (Photo)

I have a round face specially when I smile, I believe its because my face is fatty. I look so fat on the photos when I smile.I want to have sleek... READ MORE

Is facial liposuction the same as buccal fat removal?

I understand what buccal fat removal is and I've seen it but I wanted to know if facial liposuction was the same thing or they remove fat from other... READ MORE

Should I get buccal fat removal or facial liposuction in the areas next to my mouth? (Photo)

I specifically have a lot of face fat next to the corners of my mouth. From my understanding this is not the buccal fat area but the perioral fat... READ MORE

Undergoing Buccal Fat Removal and Looking For More Opinions?

Hello! I am more or less set on having the extraction of my buccal fat pads and wanted to ask some questions. The first is, am I a good candidate? And... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal or Liposuction: which is best for dealing with a double chin? (Photo)

Hi. I'm 26 years old and I have been considering getting lipo under my chin and around my jaw line for probably 8 years. I was 115-120lbs through high... READ MORE

Confused between buccal fat removal, liposuction, & jaw reduction surgery and the price. Any ideas? (photos)

Female 5.1' 46 kg but because of my round face and bulky cheeks I look very fat and also whatever I eat shows first on my cheeks and it is... READ MORE

Overly large lower face - masseter muscle or buccal fat? (photos)

Please help me, I hate my lower cheeks as they make my face look fat when actually I am well within the healthy weight range. READ MORE

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