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Why Would A Surgeon Use An Endotine Fixation Device For An Endocscopic Brow Lift?

Why would a board certified plastic surgeon use an endotine fixation device for a brow lift instead of relying on their own suturing abilities?... READ MORE

Will I Have a Large Forehead After Brow Lift?

Will traditional brow lift, leave me with a large looking forehead? I would want to have excess skin removed from forehead area. This would make my... READ MORE

Worried by Sutures Coming Out, Lump, Indent After Brow Lift

Is it normal for a suture and post to come out 18 days post op? Lump above left eyebrow? Is it normal to have a large indent on the top of my head? Is... READ MORE

Internal Brow Lift with Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I have interviewed several doctors concerning surgery on my upper eyelids. All of them said I would only need excess skin removed but one of them... READ MORE

Is It Typical to Have a Bad Headache After a Coronal Brow Lift?

If so, how long can it be expected to last, and what can be done for it? are sutures preferred over staples for this kind of lift? if so, what are the... READ MORE

Endobrow Suture Below Hairline?

I just had an endobrow procedure. I can feel the suture below the hairline - top of my forehead. Shouldn't the suture be in the hairline (at the... READ MORE

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