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Will Open Brow Lift Scar Heal Nicely?

I am considering an open brow lift to correct my hereditary low brow and high forehead. I've been keeping my brow elevated with Botox in the past 5... READ MORE

Scarring After Brow Lift

I recently had a direct brow lift. The incision is just above the brow. I'm satisfied with the natural results, but I'm worried about the scarring. It... READ MORE

Direct Brow Lift for Excess Skin After Eyelid Surgery?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty six months ago and there is still a little sagging of the skin on the upper eyelid. I think I need a direct... READ MORE

How to Address Forehead Numbness After a Browlift?

Hi, i had an eyebrow lift in argentina , the dr. used an old technique  and cut above the eyebrows not endoscopic, now 11 months later... READ MORE

Brow Lift After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I'm aware it's commonly done in reverse, but when can I have Brow Lift after upper Eyelid Surgery, considering scar healing? READ MORE

Brow Lift Surgery and receding hairlines?

Is there a technique used for men with receding hairlines so that scaring is minimal? How visible are the scars? READ MORE

Will Brow Lift Help Asian Eyes Pop out More?

Thank you for your replies to my previous post. I'm in the impression that my surgeon is getting me to have a Brow lift. She explained a small cuts... READ MORE

Can Visible Browlift Scars Be Treated?

I had a browlift performed ten years ago and due was left with a wide, visible scar beneath my hairline. As I have aged and my hair thinned--I am now... READ MORE

How can I hide the scar of direct eyebrow lift?

Incision is directly in the middle of the eyebrow. Was told it would be above the eyebrow. What can i do to hide the scar? Will the hairs grow back? READ MORE

Does this seem right for an open brow lift? It looks hideous. What can be done to help flatten and minimize my scar? (Photo)

Its been 1 month since my brow lift. As the swelling subsided I saw I still had a couple deep horizontal lines and even 1 vertical. I went this route... READ MORE

Is an eyebrow lift worth it?

Will I have thick scars and will I lose a lot of my eyebrows. I do not have any photos. READ MORE

Will a brow lift for nasal root work?

Will a brow lift improve this? I also have and old scar on my forehead that looks better when it stretches out. I'm assuming a brow lift will help.... READ MORE

How long does it take a classic browlift scar to look good enough to go out public?

I had my surgery two days ago and I look like Frankenstein. The incision is red, red. I am very fair and it have been told that the scar should heal... READ MORE

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