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Can Coronal Brow Lifts Cause Hair Loss As a Bad Side Effect

I had a coronal brow lift 4 months ago and since then my hair is now very thin across all the top of my head. I used to have thick hair. Is this... READ MORE

Scalp Pain After Endo Brow Surgery?

I had an endo brow and face lift 1 month ago. I still have numbness around my ears and forehead which I understand is normal at this stage. My concern... READ MORE

Numbness and Pulling After Brow Lift

Four years ago I had a coronal browlift. Since then I have experienced numbness and pulling sensations in the entire crown of my head behind the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Air Trapped Beneath the Scalp After Brow Lift Surgery?

I had an endoscopic brow lift with bleph (upper) on January 8, 2013 and have had air and some fluid trapped beneath my scalp along with numbness. Is... READ MORE

What to Do After 1.5 Yrs of Head and Forehead Numbness and Stiffness of Forehead?

I had my lids done for medical reason, had under my eyes done, forehad lift one and a half yrs ago. I still suffer from stiffness between my eyes and... READ MORE

Do the Pro's Outway the Con's in a Coronal Brow Lift?

I've heard many horror stories about the coronal brow lift, such as numbness, headaches and hair loss. Is it worth it? READ MORE

Can cut nerves be repaired after a bilateral brow lift? I have total numbness from hairline to crown of head.

I had a bilateral brow lift on Oct 28,2013. My surgeon told me that I would have total numbness from hairline back 3 inches. Nerves were cut. Is there... READ MORE

11 weeks post-op brow lift and eye lid surgery, pain and lump above one eye, should we go to surgeon this week?

My dad had a brow lift and eye lid surgery about 11 weeks ago. He is 75. He is complaining about a lump above his left eyebrow, a lot of soreness upon... READ MORE

I recently had a browlift ( 2 weeks ago). Browlift numbness?

They said there may be numbness after in my head...I have been feeling great but the last few days getting the numbness. What I am wondering is, is it... READ MORE

Ideal # of days from surgery date for removal of staples in scalp after brow lift? Numbness top and back of scalp is normal?

Had a brow lift and cheek implants on 12/19. I was told by surgeon that my recovery time would be one week and the cheek implant would have internal... READ MORE

I had a brow lift done about 3 weeks ago and still have absolutely no movement in one eyebrow. Any suggestions?

In addition to having no movement in my right eyebrow. The top of my head is completely numb. Is this normal and if so how long does it usually take... READ MORE

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