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Risk of Hair Loss After Browlift

I would like to have a browlift. i am worry about the loss of hair. My hair is very thin. In addition. I have been searching information and my... READ MORE

What is the Longevity of a Temporal Brow Lift?

Also is it the same thing as a lateral brow lift? READ MORE

How Would a Brow Lift Affect the Wrinkles in my Forehead?

How long could I expect the results of the brow lift to last? READ MORE

How Long Will Results of Endoscopic Browlift with Ribbon Last?

I was told I needed a Endoscopic Browlift with a ribbon device. Does this work well and how long will it last? READ MORE

Endoscopic Browlift vs.the Open Headband Incision?

How long will last the endoscopic browlift versus the open headband incision? READ MORE

Brow Lift for Mid-twenties Asian Female? (photo)

I want double eyelid surgery too. I used to use eyelid tape and it stretched my eyelid skin. I have low brows, a line btwn my eyes on my nasal bridge... READ MORE

Is a browlift a solution to eyelids that hang the eyelashes?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a brow lift for ptosis?  READ MORE

How long does a brow lift with an upper/lower bleph last?

I understand the aging process continues, but in 10 or 20 years, will you still look better than if you never had anything done? Thanks! READ MORE

Eyebrows threads lifted by using non absorbable threads. How long it will last? (Photo)

I am 28 years old and my brows are down and I did brow lift by using absorbable threads but unfortunately the threads broke after 2 weeks. I went to... READ MORE

How long do the effects of Bio-Radio Frequency last for skin lifting/tightening?

I had a brow lift done quite some time back with a bipolar radio frequency device, but it doesn't seem like the effects were very long-lasting. How... READ MORE

Lower bleph and lateral eyebrow lift. How long does the correction last? 55 yr female

Three plastic surgeons consult Dr. #1 upper + lower bleph, if failed would get a lat brow lift in his office at a disc. Dr. #2 a brow lift + lower... READ MORE

I had a brow lift done about 3 weeks ago and still have absolutely no movement in one eyebrow. Any suggestions?

In addition to having no movement in my right eyebrow. The top of my head is completely numb. Is this normal and if so how long does it usually take... READ MORE

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