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Can Botox Fix Too High Eyebrows After Brow Lift?

I have long face so one of the things I did was to lower my hairline with brow lift. I still don't have a small forehead, but eventually plan to... READ MORE

Can a Browlift Be Used to Correct a High Forehead?

I'm a 20 year old female with a high forehead and a widow's peak that gives the impression of a receding hairline. Taking my age into account... READ MORE

Can I Regain my Original Eye Shape After a Browlift That Went Too Far?

My surgeon did an endoscopic browlift that caused my eyes too be more open than they ever were even in junior high. It is not the surprised look and I... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my asymmetrical eyebrows? (photos)

As the photo above indicates, my eyebrows are horribly assymetrical and it makes me really self-conscious about photos. It is also worse the more... READ MORE

Which procedures address lateral hooding of the eyes?

My eyebrows are naturally very high, so are there any procedures other than brow lifts that will correct lateral hooding without raising my eyebrows... READ MORE

6 days post op Browlift. They seem too high for me. How long does it take a brow lift to look more natural after surgery

I am hoping they are still swollen and will relax a bit. How long does it take a brow lift to look more natural after surgery. I am so down about... READ MORE

Can an endoscopic brow lift be reversed?

Can an endoscopic brow lift be reversed? I have had a brow lift and my brows are too high. I was told by one doctor that it can be done but it is only... READ MORE

Is it normal to have overly arched brows after Brow Lowering Procedure?

I had surgery a month ago to correct my previous Brow lift procedure because it was overly to high, I wanted my brows lowered to a more relaxed shape,... READ MORE

I want my brow lowered because of a very high hair line. However, I take Xarelto. Could that be a problem during the procedure?

I have a big forehead. I think it's genetic. So my hair starts pretty far back. I am a 28-year-old male. Is lowering my brow a pretty quick in... READ MORE

My right eyebrow drives me crazy. It is higher than the other. Which specialist should I consult in the first time?

I always had an eye smaller than the other one but since I lost weight and I am getting older, it seems to be worst than ever. Wich specialist should... READ MORE

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