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How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

Generally how much would I need to spend to get a forehead brow lift? READ MORE

Mini Brow Lift Cost?

Hi, I am interested in getting a MINI brow lift but have a question. What is a general estimated cost for this procedure? I live in Texas but am... READ MORE

How Much for a Lateral Brow Lift? and How Long Would the Incisions Be?

I' m thinking on having a lateral brow lift. I'm a 23 year old female and my eyebrows are too "flat" on my face. I wonder how much... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Brow Lift and my Question is How Painfull Is, How Long Recovery Last and Price. I Am 40 Years Old?

As I said I am 40 years old but always had bags under my eyes and now brows droping so make it even worst. I live in Dubai, where is your surgery?... READ MORE

Should I Get a Brow Lift? (photo)

I am 23 years old droopy eye brows run in my family. The problem is no so much having droopy eye brows, is that when i was 2 years old i fell and had... READ MORE

Cost for Brow Lift?

Hello. I scheduled a lateral brow lift and revision rhinoplasty. I paid for both in full prior to surgery. The morning of surgery doc comes in and... READ MORE

Male: I Want a Very Subtle, Minimal, Brow Lift (I Think)?

I am a male, 18 years old. I have eyebrows that towards the inside of my face (where each eyebrow meets) are pointed downward. So from a profile view,... READ MORE

I'm Looking to Get Rhinoplasty and a Brow Lift/hairline Lowering. How Much Am I Looking at if I Combine the Two?

How much cheaper would the operations be if I got them done at a residency? I have a tall forehead and a sagging brow. I'm very young to be having... READ MORE

Considering browlift & fat placed under eyes. High forehead so unsure about lift. Just turned 40. Cost? (photo)

(Forgot to include side pic -- so here it is)No previous surgery. Considering browlift & fat placed under eyes. High forehead so unsure about lift.... READ MORE

How Much Will a Brow Lift and Forehead Reduction Cost? What Procedure Us Recommended For? (photo)

I'm 17 years old and I have a long forehead and a low eyebrow. Both is hereditary from my dad side. I want to know what procedure will be recommend... READ MORE

Wondering the price of a browlift in phoenix or mesa or Scottsdale Arizona?

Hoping to get a smaller forehead during the procedure, don't want to lose any hair. Also want lip advancement. Looking for a good doctor and a good... READ MORE

What is this weird ugly Indention over brow & why is there no raise after brow lift to help sagging upper eyelid skin? (Photo)

What do I have dent over brow for & why after 5 separate incisions & $5900 later are my brows not symmetrical or at least raised? (And lids are just... READ MORE

I Have Really Crooked Teeth, I Need Help? (photo)

I've been told I needed braces, but growing up we never had the money, and now living on my own, I can't afford dental insurance. There is nothing... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for brow lift, upper/lower eyelid surgery? How much would that cost? (Photo)

In the past year I've noticed my eyelid has lost its elasticity. When I'm relaxed I have extra skin over my eyelid. I've never had that before. I've... READ MORE

Price estimate for lowering a high eyebrow? (Reverse brow lift)

I'm 22 years old and I have one eyebrow that's too high for my liking (no past surgery). I've already tried Botox - the result was just ok, and I'd... READ MORE

What is the cost of brow-reduction? What is the severity of my condition and the procedure? What is the recovery time? (Photo)

This has been an issue I've personally struggled with for the past few years. I'm a 21 year old male that has never seen anyone with a thick,... READ MORE

Male. 19 years old. Would like to get brow ridge contoured and endoscopic brow lift. Cost? (Photo)

Just wondering what the cost would be to have these procedures done with minimal scarring in the U.S. READ MORE

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