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Smelly Yellow Discharge 4 Weeks Post-Breast Reduction

Hello Doctor says this is normal, just excess tissue leaving through the incision. He said the incision is called a deer claw incision and this is... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, Have Yellow Fluid Leaking From the Incision?

I have yellow fluid leaking from the incision and yellow thick like substance looks like it is coming out of the incision under the breast. Is this... READ MORE

Wound Separation a Little Ovber a Month Post BR? (photo)

I had a BBR on 6/18/12. I'm dealing with wound separations that 'seem' to be progressing positively.. though it's hard to tell and a lot like watching... READ MORE

What is Going on with my Breast? Is This Normal? (photo)

One day I was at work ( desk job) and I felt like my right breast felt really heavy. It started to have a mild pain. So I went to check my breast and... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, Incisions Are Healing Fine but 2/3 Mm Below my Nipple Has Not Cleared Up? (photo)

After breast reduction, my incisions are healing fine but this 2/3 mm below my nipple where the incisions meet has not cleared up. It's still yellow.... READ MORE

Is yellow bloody discharge normal after breast reduction surgery 3 weeks out?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and yesterday I noticed some yellow discharge with a little brown in it as well from my right breast. Is that... READ MORE

I have a yellow scab over my open wound after breast reduction surgery. Is this something I should worry about?

I'm 6 weeks post op and have an open wound in my right breast vertical next to the aereola.. It now has a yellow crust over the wound. I try scrubbing... READ MORE

I have yellow like skin underneath a scab from my breast reduction. Is it an infection? (Photo)

I had a scab that fell off and i looked at it and it looks yellow inside, i'm afraid that it's infected and don't know if i should go to my doctor READ MORE

Had breast reduction 6/3/14. Glue came off one area to reveal loose skin and yellow discharge. Is this normal? (photos)

Had a flap of glue coming off on top of aerola. As it peeled down, it just sort of fell of on the area in the picture that has a yellow discharge. Now... READ MORE

What causes yellow-ing skin after breast reduction? (Photo)

I had BR on 4/21, w/ wound separation on my left breast about 2 weeks post op. Per my PS, I have been using the wet/dry method of treatment, and the... READ MORE

5 months post Breast Reduction - Hole on incision line and is yellow in the middle. (photo)

I am not at the beginning of my 5th month post op of breast reduction surgery. I am pleased with the outcome and never had an infection. This morning... READ MORE

Lollipop breast reduction, day 10. Yellowish substance forming over an open area. Could it be infected? (photo)

I had a "lollipop" breast reduction 10 days ago and had some sutures removed 1 week post op. About 2 days ago I noticed the stitches under my right... READ MORE

8 days post op Breast Reduction, I am still having leakage. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 8 days post op I notice my surgical tape is coming off and that I am still having leakage which is yellow. Is that normal? I have been wearing my... READ MORE

Wound not healing and PS not available, what should I do?

I had a BR about 1 month ago,the right has completely opened at the T, its now gaping. It has yellow gooey side and then bright red fleshy area that... READ MORE

2 wks post op Breast Reduction, doing fine but a bit of yellow liquid coming from wound underneath right breast. Is this normal?

Hi there, I had my BR surgery 2 weeks ago and had my dressings removed on Monday. The nurse said everything is looking fine but since I have noticed a... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 6 week's ago and have been on permanent antibiotics. Why is this infection not clearing up?

Can you advise as to why this infection is not clearing up . it is constantly oozing and weeping yellow gunge to which i have bben told is dead tissue . READ MORE

I had a Breast Reduction 4 days ago. Yesterday, I noticed that i had a large amount of yellow raised swelling under the nipple.

Yesterday, I noticed that i had a large amount of yellow raised swelling under the nipple. Separating the swelling from the rest of the breast was a... READ MORE

Yellow discharge - I notice under my boob that there is yellow discharge and to me it look like it rip. Please help me. (photo)

I notice under my boob that there is yellow discharge and to me it look like it rip. Please help me READ MORE

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