Weight + Breast Reduction

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42L, BMI 40. Too Obese for Breast Reduction?

I Have a BMI of 40. Bra Size of 42L. Would I Be Considered Too Obese for a Medical Neccesary Reduction? READ MORE

Weight The Same After Reduction, Shouldn't It Be Lower? When Does Swelling Subside?

Had breast reduction surgery on Sept 27. Weight went up after surgery and now is back to pre-surgery level. But since I had several pounds of breast... READ MORE

Please Tell Me How Many Pounds Does a 42ddd Breast Weigh?

Im 32yrs old and I've always had big; heavy breast..but I never knew how much weight that I'm carrying on my chest alone. READ MORE

I Am 27, 5'8'', 230 Lbs and Wear a 38I Bra. Do I Weight Too Much for Breast Reduction?

I have severe back pain, rashes under breasts and groves on shoulders. Even at a lesser weight, I was still a 38 around but for the last few years I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Normally Take BCBS-IL to Confirm or Deny Coverage for a Breast Reduction?

I am 17, 5'3, a bit less than 150 lbs, and a 38F. I have little doubt that I am a good candidate for this surgery, the problem is the insurance... READ MORE

How much does weight factor into getting a reduction covered by insurance? Are my breasts big enough to be considered? (photo)

I'm 25 years old, 5'5'', 150lbs with 36DD or 34DDD. Although a regular BMI test would say I'm overweight - I'm actually just pretty muscular. I'm... READ MORE

Do I Need to Lose Weight in Order For my Insurance to Cover My Surgery?

I am 5'3 and weigh 166lbs, my bra size is 34DDD/G. Do i need to lose weight in order for my insurance to cover my surgery. I have 5 different doctor... READ MORE

I am a 33 year old woman who is heavy chested. When I take off my bra I feel like a heavy weight is on my chest.

The heaviness feels like a brick is sitting in the middle of my chest. it worsens when i lie down. READ MORE

Breast reduction - would weight gain go to my stomach?

Im considering BR surgery and concerned that if I gain any weight from 5-10 lbs that the weight will shift to my stomach. help READ MORE

What height and weight do I have to be for insurance to cover surgery?

If I had breast reduction years ago but sense then had a child would my insurance cover it again READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post and am getting my sutures out tomorrow. Can I lift weights after breast reduction surgery?

I am 2 weeks post and am getting my sutures out tomorrow. My surgeon has given me strict orders to wait 3 weeks to begin exercising so I plan to start... READ MORE

How many LBS does my breast weigh?

I weigh around 181 and i feel like most of my weight goes to my breast. Ive tried to find this out for a while now but i havent found a straight... READ MORE

I need reduction but I wonder if my weight will/should keep me from being a candidate for reduction?

I am 48 years old and weight 295 lbs. I wear a 42G bra (42" rib cage, 55" bust measurements) and have pendulous breasts. I have no health issues... READ MORE

Could I get breast reduction and implants?

I have lost 110 pounds so far, I weighed almost 400 at 6 feet tall. I now have saggy upper arms and very saggy breasts. Could I possibly be able to... READ MORE

Should I have breast reduction on a pedicle tram reconstructed breast, following mx on 2nd breast that's not reconstructed?

My ps said he will reduce the recon breast. He is suggesting 2 methods. Remove pleats on the arm side away from pedicle plumbing giving a tear drop... READ MORE

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