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36FF Getting 500-600 Grams Removed. Approx What Size Will I Be?

I am 35 5'4" 155 lbs and wear a 36FF, and sagging, my doctor said he is going to remove 500 - 600 g from each breast, will this give me a... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction Reasonable for a Teenage Girl Since There is a Possibility of Further Breast Growth?

What is the recommended age for teenage girls? Would it be traumatic for a 15-year old? Would breast tissue still grow for a few more years? READ MORE

I Have Dead Tissue in my Left Breast After Reduction What Would You Recommend?

Following a breast reduction I lost my right nipple and more than half of the right breast due to necrosis. This was a 2nd reduction and the blood... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Breast Reduction Was Called About Abnormal Pathology Results, What Could This Be?

I had breast reduction 2 weeks ago and received a call from my primary care office(who have called before weith mis-information) and asked if I made... READ MORE

I want a Breast Reduction from 32G to 32C/D. Is it better to remove as much tissue as possible and then go with an implant?

Starting about 6 months ago I was not able to run anymore due to my breasts. I want my life back! 1) I want to reduce form 32G to 32C/D, but I’m... READ MORE

Removal of Areolar Tissue Left Behind After Reduction?

During my breast reduction 15 years ago, my surgeon left behind some areolar tissue. The scars themselves are flat and white and barely noticeable,... READ MORE

My Doctor Waited a Month to Send of Tissue Samples From Breast Reduction- Does This Effect the Validity of the Results?

I had a breast reduction at the start of December. The doctor's didn't send the tissue samples to the pathology lab until January 11th because... READ MORE

If I wear a size 40N bra and had a reduction to a D or DD cup size. How much tissue would be removed?

I am a 5ft 5in, 215 lbs . I know I need to lose weight to be approved for reduction. Just wanted to know approximately what I would be having removed... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction approx 3 weeks ago. I did develop an infection at the "t" which responded well to antibiotics. (Photo)

I had a stitch Pop on my left Breast and now there is an opening and there is white/yellow tissue? I do not touch it just gently wash with warm soapy... READ MORE

NAC issues; Pedicle/Lollipop vs. FNG and a couple of other questions

(1) What are the statistics regarding NAC tissue death or tissue issues for Pedicle/Lollipop and FNG? Do not include issues like nipple senstivity,... READ MORE

Picture of open spot, is it healing? What does the yellow stuff on top look like: skin tissue, scab or slough tissue? (photo)

Tomorrow I will go to the doctor also to check it out, but would be very happy for other opinions also. Thank you! READ MORE

Breast reduction - have I done something (incredibly) stupid?

My right breast was incredibly hard. THe op was in June. And I used my fingers to break up the tissue. My breast is now very soft but the tissue is... READ MORE

Just what will (and can) a plastic surgeon fix for free if you are not happy with any part of your breast reduction results?

Had BR 6 wks ago n I don't think its just swelling that hasn't gone down cz it's firm tissue. The outsides of my brsts bulge out WORSE than pre surg... READ MORE

How much tissue will they remove? What is the ideal cup size?

I am 5'8'' 180lbs. I have a pretty small frame but have had a hard time losing weight since exercising is pretty hard with 32K breasts. I am wondering... READ MORE

As I lose fat from around my ribcage, how likely am I to lose fat tissue from my breasts, as well?

Currently at 5'5", 215 pounds, 18 years of age, soon to be 19. I was a 36J before surgery and 5 pounds later came out a 38D. I want to lose 70 to 75... READ MORE

* UK * Nipples too high post breast reduction. The left nipple has been put far too high and sits above my bra 90+% of the time

I have researched and see this can be altered by removing tissue from the fold which is fine but the problem is one nipple is higher than the other.... READ MORE

My breast reduction was in 1996. I have continued to have deep tissue itching. How can I make it stop.

I have had deep tissue ithing in them at various times. Today it has been non stop. I don't know why or how it happens. Tell me how to make it stop. READ MORE

Are my areolar reduction oat-op scars turning into skin tissue?

I have recently had aereolar reduction surgery 6 months ago. Initially I thought I had hyperpigmentation covering most of my breasts post-op due to... READ MORE

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