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Rib Pain 2 Months Post Op Breast Reduction?

I had my breast reduction/lift a little over 2 months ago and the past week I have been having a pain in my ribs under my right breast. It feels like... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Are These Normal Breasts? (photo)

I had a breast reduction in Nov 2012 and I'm not happy with the results. I am just getting over an infection in my right breast. My breasts are both... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Feel Tenderness (Extreme), Aching, Pain & Hardness 11 Weeks Post-op?

I still have fairly strong pain & tenderness 11 weeks after reduction/lift from 34E-F to a C. I had compromised blood flow w/ nipple wounds that... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 8 Weeks Post Op - Awakened with Pain?

I had a breast reduction 8 weeks ago and after an infection in my right breast, I am now beginning to heal and feel better. I returned to work 1 week... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift DD to D. Safe to Get Size For new Bras and Purchase?

I recently had a breast reduction and lift. I went from a DD to a C. I have not had any pain or soreness what so ever. My nipples have been a tad... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction Relating to Upper Abs. Feel Bloated and So Tender?

I am 19 days post op from breast reduction. For the past week or so I have felt my tummy being very bloated, they said it's why it is... READ MORE

4 Weeks PO Following BR - Taking Keflex but Open Wound Appears Larger; Infection Symptons Not Resolved, Solution? (photo)

4 wks post op following a BR; began experiencing shooting pains, and pain under left breast and up outer side of the breast. Breast is swollen and... READ MORE

Air in Chest After Breast Reduction?

I'm post-op Day 4 for a BR. Above my left breast, there is an area that is very tender and hard. It feels like an implant is in there. Of course it's... READ MORE

Entire Breast Fat Necrosis?

I'm 15 months post opp. With a reduction.My left breast has biopsy confirmed necrosis. It is painful!! It's growing in size for sure ( at my biopsy, 3... READ MORE

3 months after breast reduction, is it too late to use something to lessen the appearance of the scars? (photo)

Had a BR 3 months ago. 2 weeks after had a hematoma and needed surgery again. Question is 1. Should it still be tender and sore when I touch it or... READ MORE

I had a breast reductions in july 23 2013, about 4 months ago?

I noticed a big (about the size of half a match box) hard tender and painfull lump on the left side of my breast, what could it be. READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post op and for the last 4 weeks i have discharge and tenderness. Is this normal? (photo)

My doctor says dont worry but the discharge is yellow and smells i am reLly scared READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 9 months ago and I still find my nipples tender at times.Will this improve over time?

When I have a top an a no bra you can always notice my nipples standing out like they are always erect.  READ MORE

I have breast pain, mostly under my nipples, 2 years after Breast Reduction. Could this be scar tissue?

HiI had breast reduction surgery 2 years ago next month.  In the past couple of weeks I am having dull pain and mainly tenderness in both my... READ MORE

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