Sports Bra + Breast Reduction

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Can't Get Enough Support for 38DD Breasts

Age 30, mother of 3, 5'6, 200 lbs, wear a size 38DD bra. wear a regular bra and a sports bra on top. never feels like i have enough support. my... READ MORE

I Have Breast Reducion 10 Days Ago and Today I Have a New Sport Bra and It Feel Really Tight is OK to Wear This Bra?

I have breast reducion 10 days ago and today i have a new sport bra and it feel really tight is OK to wear this bra? READ MORE

Is It Ok to Not Wear a Surgical Bra or a Sports Bra After a Breast Reduction?

I just had a breast reduction (from a h to a c) four days ago. I went for an Appointment today and he took the drains out and the bandages off and... READ MORE

18 Days and Wanting to Take a Break from Sports Bra?

My doctor wants me to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks post op breast reduction. I just want a few hours a day to break from the bra. Would it be ok or... READ MORE

3 weeks post-breast reduction - noticed small hole at T junction with white/yellow discharge. Should I be concerned? (photo)

Since about 5 days ago when I take my sports bra off to shower, there is a bit of yellowish dried discharge where the bra sits under my right breast... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old, 34G, 5'4, and 150 lbs. Is breast reduction a possible choice for me?

I am 15, I currently wear a 34G. I'm 5'4 and around 150 lbs. I've recently had to quit playing soccer which I've played since I was 6, due to back... READ MORE

Is it safe to go back to horseback riding after BR with implants? (Photo)

Hey I am 6 weeks after my BR/Lift with small implants. My PS did give me his ok to go back to my horseback riding. I ride at least 5 times a week. I... READ MORE

1 month after Breast Reduction & Lift. When can I shop for a regular bra?

I've got my surgical bra & my sports bra but I'm eager to find some support with lace on it. I'm still swollen here are there but planned & have... READ MORE

Why such disparity in what type of bras to wear postop breast reduction? (photo)

Why such disparity in what type of bras to wear post-op breast reduction. Some of the PS say wear an underwire so you don't get flat breasts and... READ MORE

very sore at incision site 2 weeks after breast reduction. Relief?

I had a breast reduction on 4/26/14 it is now 2 weeks post 5/7/14. I am VERY sore/ tender where my incisions are. It hurts with sports bra on and off.... READ MORE

Can a 16 year old get a breast reduction?

I am a 16 year old with a huge 36 H. I get sore boobs, back and neck! I constantly get sweaty boobs causing me discomfort and rashes sometimes. I am... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a breast reduction? (photos)

I'm wanting to do a breast reduction. I'm a 34dd I'm not sure insurance would cover it. One boob is bigger than the other and one nipple has a scar. I... READ MORE

Post op bras?

I am 2 days post op and was told to wear a sports bra. However, i find it irritates my bottom incisions. I was wondering if i could wear a very tight... READ MORE

Do you think I have a chance for a Breast Reduction?

I am 18, 4'11 and 105 pounds. I have been measured multiple times to be a 32DD. I have a lot of sharp back pains up my spine, but I also have... READ MORE

Should I be looking for a reduction or a reduction and a lift? I'm a 36DDD. I hate my breast to get good support 1 wear 2 bras.

Hi, im 23yrs old, 5'2", 166lbs and i have 36DDD breast, (no kids). Big boobs run in both sides of my family my mom is a 44HHH my biggest fear in the... READ MORE

My surgery is in 3 days-Can you give me some last minute advice?

My surgery is set for this Monday, June 16th. In getting ready I know I have to buy that special soap, get my prescriptions filled, have enough... READ MORE

Revised: Should I get breast reduction surgery, possibly some time after college?

17 yrs old, almost 18; 123 lbs; 5 ft 4.5 inches; 32D bra size (though I was only able to find a 34D, which kind of fits). I would like to wear a... READ MORE

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