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Painful Scar Tissue After Breast Reduction 6 Years Later, Is this Normal?

Hello! I had a breast reduction in 2006, from a HHH, (that the surgeon said was much bigger to a DD) I never had very painful scars until about a... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Developing Pain from Scar Tissue with a Breast Reduction?

I am thinking about getting a breast reduction. I'm worried about the likelihood or chance of having pain later in life from scar tissue. ive been... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Medical Tape After Areola Reduction Suggery and Liposuction, Will this Affect the Scars?

Hello and happy new year to all, Well, 10 weeks ago I had liposuction of the left breast and areola size reduction. The areola formed scab at certain... READ MORE

I Am of Mixed Race 38ddd What Kind of Scaring Can I Expect?

Mixed race (black/white) used to be 185lbs,5ft 7in.Suffering from extreme back pain.Am now considering breast reduction after losing 10kl(about... READ MORE

Recommendation for Breast Reduction Healing Aids

What medication should I after a breast reduction? Some companies offer scar reduction and healing sheets, do these really work? How many weeks should... READ MORE

How Is a Pull-Out Suture Different Than Solvable Sutures For Scar Tissue Concern?

My PS will give me a touch up procedure to remove some skin of my left breast. Hopefully, both of my breasts will look more similar. I had Monocryl... READ MORE

Is reduction revision surgery what is needed for eliminating hard scar tissue inside of a breast? (photo)

I have hardened scar tissue in both breasts, where there was necrosis during the healing process, after a breast reduction. These knots make self... READ MORE

Post Surgical BR Leaves Hard Breasts?

I have 2nd breast reduction 6 months ago. Both breasts have scar tissue, however, right breast tissue consists of one large abnormal shaped hard lump.... READ MORE

Corrective Surgery After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I was wondering how many others have had to go back and have one breast reduced to match the other breast after surgery. My left breast is a cup size... READ MORE

Will my Scars Show in a Bikini After Breast Reduction?

I'm a DDD cup size hoping to go down to a C cup. Want to know if my scars will be visible in a bikini? I'm a model and I'm hoping all my scars are... READ MORE

Is this scar tissue one year after surgery?

I am a little over 1 year post op. and have found a hard painful knot in my left breast.Could this be scar tissue this far after surgery? READ MORE

I had a breast reduction on May 15, 2013 can you still develope scar tissue 6 months after?

I had breast reduction on May 15, 2013. I found a small pea size lump on top of my left breast. I had a ultrasound and a biopsy done and it was fine.... READ MORE

Ca pulsar contraction with breast reduction?

Is capsular contraction related only to breast augmentation or can it also occur in breast reduction when scar tissue hardens to form a sort of band... READ MORE

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