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Nipple Healing After Surgery: White Scab

I had a breast reduction and then had implants put into both breasts to deal with asymetry. im happy overall but im noticing that the breast where the... READ MORE

Bumpy Discolored Areolas After Breast Reduction, What To Do? (photo)

I had a breast reduction just about a month ago now and I'm concerned about my areolas. They are bumpy where the stitches were and on one after... READ MORE

Large Scab Covering Nipple Still After 3 Weeks of Breast Reduction, How Can I Help It Fall Faster?

I had an extensive breast reconstruction and implant surgery 3 weeks ago, after the first week of surgery my nipples scabbed and doctor explained it... READ MORE

What Is This White Scab Under Breast? (photo)

This scab doesn't hurt or anything it just looks so different than my other breast. My other one is one straight line insicion...what is this?! Is it... READ MORE

Can my Areola and Nipple Be Saved After Turning Completely Black with a Hard Scab?

I had this above procedure almost 3 weeks ago. I haven't been able to rest much and have been under a lot of stress. About a week after the procedure... READ MORE

I am 12 days post,Breast Reduction & Lift. I got a small friction wound from the bandage on day 4 that isn't healing. (photos)

The small wound is on my lower breast just beside the area where the stitches down from the nipple, and the stitches under my breast meet. I was... READ MORE

Thick scab on areola 3 months after surgery. (photos)

Hello, I had a breast reduction, lift, implant and areola reduction on December 20,2013. It is now almost been 3 months since surgery and I still have... READ MORE

White moist tissue on areola after BR: Normal?

I had a breast reduction on 1/13/2014. Everything went well. I did have an allergic reaction to the steristrips on my right breast and some on my left... READ MORE

Scabby Nipple 2 Weeks Post Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and yesterday my left nipple has a scab on it. But it hasn't been bleeding, or anything it has been good up till... READ MORE

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