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How Safe is Breast Reduction?

I would like to get breast reduction but im so nervous about the whole surgery because there has been so many deaths or complications during or after... READ MORE

Safe Pregnancy After Breast Reduction?

I'm 26 and I don't have kids yet. I would like to know, can I have a pregnancy without complications after a breast reduction? Please help. Thank you... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Through Liposuction with Breast Lift

I plan to get a breast reduction done through liposuction along with a breast lift. How safe is this procedure and what are the risks involved? READ MORE

Breast Fibroadenomas and Breast Reduction

Is it safe to do breast reduction surgery if I have breast fibroadenomas? Tthank you. READ MORE

Is a Breast Reduction Safe at Age 15?

I am currently a 34DD, almost DDD, but I am only 15 years old. I'm 5'5'' and 135 lbs, with a bust and hip measurement of 37cm, and a... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction by Lipo Advisable?

I'm 31 yrs old and a 38 DD. I weigh about 74 kgs on a 5 ft 3 inch frame. I want to reduce my breasts, but I plan to have a child in 1-2 years. I am,... READ MORE

How safe is general anesthesia? And is penicillin and general anesthesia related?

I'm considering having a breast reduction done but I'm a bit concerned about how safe general anesthesia is and does it have any relation to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Breast reduction from 36C to 32C?

Right now Iam 36C . Iam thinking to have a breast reduction with out implants . Is it ok if I request my PS to reduce my breasts to a 34a or 32C ? Is... READ MORE

I am 25 wear a 36DDD and weigh 141lb. I was wondering if it is possible to go to a 36 B and if it is safe? (photo)

I wore a 34G at 13 years old and have always had extreme back, neck, and shoulder pain. After 2 children I am still in a 36DDD I would like to br... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery Safety. I'm 28HH. Surgery Booked Fri 6Sept. Very Frightened of Complications. Below is Med History?

Slightly under active thyroid 25mg levothyroxine morning. Asthma -haven't needed inhalers in ages. Had a DVT a few years ago due medication which... READ MORE

Ace bandage after Breast Reduction, is it safe?

I was wondering is it safe to be bandages in ace after a procedure. And what type of bra should be bought if you are not providing one from the hospital? READ MORE

Are the Risks Increased by Having Two Procedures Completed at Once?

I am considering a breast reduction and tummy tuck following the birth of my fourth child. Are the risks increased by having the procedures done at... READ MORE

Foreplay after breast reduction?

My husband was wondering when it is safe to have foreplay with sex before and during sex? My BR was done on September 15th and had to have a wound... READ MORE

Can I have breast reduction surgery or any other form of plastic surgery while on coumadin? (Photo)

Hi I'm a 30 year old female who recently underwent open heart surgery for Aortic & Mitral valve replacement. I am in dire need of breast reduction... READ MORE

should I try to have a Beast Reduction done at a teaching hospital since I cant affored 7000 at a regular hospital?

If so what would be the difference in price? and also are teaching hospitals safe? I also know theres a possibility of me being unsatisfied with the... READ MORE

How safe is general anesthesia?

I am terrified of general anesthesia. I was supposed to have the procedure done in 2011 but canceled it due to my fears of anesthesia. I am now... READ MORE

Would a free nipple graft ensure a safer 2nd breast reduction?

The consensus here seems to be that a patient seeking a revision to a recent breast reduction to go smaller is higher risk for nipple loss. My PS is... READ MORE

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