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What is the Criteria for a Breast Reduction to Be Medically Necessary?

What degree of back and shoulder problems/pain are considered breast reduction reasons for medically necessary according to most insurance options?... READ MORE

How Will Further Weight Loss After Breast Reduction Results?

I understand that the best scenerio is to be at your optimum weight but in my case that's what I'm trying to do. But the back issues are hindering me... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Scar Removal

I am a 19 year old female. I had a breast reduction in October of 2009. After surgery, I was pleased to see how much perkier and smaller my breasts... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction for H Cup Breasts?

I am 26 yrs from New Orleans and am on medicaid. I've been to the doctor several times for my back and breasts. My right breast is longer than my left... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Recovery. What Can I Do To Speed it Up, and Go Back To Yoga/Spinning?

I am 5 weeks post op from reduction/lift. They are high and perky, just not that much smaller. Was 32G, must be 32C!!! My 32 E bra is fitting, but... READ MORE

How to Reduce Swelling After a Breast Reduction?

One month after breast reduction on right side had 2 hematomas was real bruised. brusing is almost gone byt swelling is still present. Is there... READ MORE

What Incision Pattern is Least Noticeable After a Breast Reduction Surgery?

I know there are several incision alternatives and I want the scaring to be as hidden as possible. READ MORE

The Laser Bra Technique - Beside the Branded Name, is It in Fact a Better Way to Lift, Tighten and Reduce Breast Volume?

I've seen the pat response that the Laser Bra is marketing. I'm less interested in the application of a laser during this procedure but am... READ MORE

Will Molina Healthcare of Ohio Pay for Breast Reduction?

I am a 38 DDD, my breasts are heavy and do sag. I get a lot of neck, shoulder, and back pain b/c of them. I do have indentations on my shoulders from... READ MORE

Tamoxafen to Reduce Breast Size?

To my understanding, Tamoxafen will reduce breast density and tissue, ultimately reducing breast size. Is that a misrepresentation? READ MORE

Recommendation for Breast Reduction Healing Aids

What medication should I after a breast reduction? Some companies offer scar reduction and healing sheets, do these really work? How many weeks should... READ MORE

What Breast Reduction Technique(s) Are the Same for Men As Women?

How is recovery different for men than for women after breast reduction? READ MORE

How Do I Decide How Much Breast Reduction I Want or Need to Get Done?

I am 5'9", wear a 38DDD bra, and I want smaller breasts, but how do I know what size? READ MORE

Possible to reduce 42Is to A or B cup with reduction plus weight loss? (photo)

I'm 5ft tall and agender with 42I breasts, but would prefer tiny ones. Is it safe to tell the surgeon I want them as small as possible and then... READ MORE

Might I still shrink another cup size in the next few weeks? (photos)

It's 4 weeks since my BR, hoping to go from a DD to a small C, but I still fit into my old bras (34DD, 36D/DD). I don't feel swollen anymore and my... READ MORE

Breast reduction in one breast due to asymmetry, not happy with results (breast and areola size), would like opinions? (photos)

It has been over six months since my surgery and I was told my breast wouldn't change much more. My situation has flip flopped in that the new breast... READ MORE

Does bloodflow to the NAC change over time?

Thank you to the surgeons who answered my first question. This is a follow-up: How is a second surgery able to further reduce breast size, assuming... READ MORE

How long do you think I will have to wait to see if I'm approved funding?

Hello, im someone who is waiting to hear back off my local ccg in stoke regarding a breast reduction on the nhs. I recently had my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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