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Am I a good candidate for breast reduction? (photo)

I am 44 years old, 5'4" and weigh 176 pounds. I have lost 27 pounds in the last 7-8 months. I am a 42H. My breast size has not changed much at all. READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction - Already Sagging - What Can I Do? (Photo)

Just Got a Breast Reduction I Am Not Happy my Breast Are Saging Already Its Only Bin Three Months. READ MORE

Nipple / Areola complexes following breast reduction (Photo)

I had a breast reduction with lollipop incision on December 2nd. Prior to BBR I was a 36/38DDD with small, sometimes flat nipples, but note that my... READ MORE

Recovery: I want a breast reduction and want to know realistic recovery time? (photo)

I left a question before, but, without photos. I am a 48 year old diabetic on insulin with an A1C of 6.4. My diabetic doctor said I am good to go as... READ MORE

My breasts are too large and very pendulous. What should I do? (Photo)

I am a 21 yr old female, 162cm, 62kg and have 12E size breasts. They pull on my chest and make it very uncomfortable to do things, not to mention the... READ MORE

25 years old, 40HH breasts. No insurance. Is it possible to find a discounted procedure? (Photo)

I am a 25 year old female. I have size 40HH breasts. They cause me significant back, shoulder and rib pain. I often have irritation/open sores where... READ MORE

23, 265lbs and 32k: What size would you recommend I go down to? (Photo)

Right now I working out trying to loose weight and was wondering will my breast go down if I continue to drop the weight? Also wanted to know would it... READ MORE

Are All PS Supposed to Have Before and After Photo's for Patients to See?

Are all Ps supposed to have before and after photo's for patients to see? READ MORE

Huge breast size difference: Will Insurance Pay?

27 years old and I've had 4 kids. Tubes are tied. I have breastfed and all done with that. I have one breast about d cup and one about a b cup as you... READ MORE

Is it possible to go from a 36DDD (or 34F?) to a large B or small C cup and still be deemed "medically needed"? (Photo)

I'm a 19 year old woman and I am 4'11" , 127 pounds. My breast are literally so big for me to handle that I cannot physically stand straight, run... READ MORE

3 weeks post breast reduction/lift: Bunching and pleating around areola and one is teardrop shaped (Photo)

My PS says it's normal and will settle itself is that right? They are not the same shake? READ MORE

I have open wounds despite losing weight as requested by PCP but issues are worse. What can I do? (Photo)

My size is a 42 J. I am 21 years old. I have very badly bruised shoulders with deep dark impressions on them. I spoke to my PCP and he requested that... READ MORE

How long should it take for wound to stop spreading and start healing? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on Feb 4 and incision started separating approx 2 weeks after. My open wound is quite large and very painful now. I am seen... READ MORE

How much would it cost to repair my areola? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction back in 2004 in my opinion the doctor made them too small for my breast. I've lost sensation in my nipples. I am currently... READ MORE

Open wound after breast reduction, should I be worried? (photo)

Hello im a little scared because of this open wound im having...I had a breast reduction December 9 2013..the purple stuff is some type of medicine i... READ MORE

Do you think 500g can be removed from each breast? (photo)

I live in the UK and I have been referred for a breast reduction on the NHS by my GP due to chronic back problems. I have been advised that there is a... READ MORE

Hello had a reduction 23 days (Photo)

Is this normal separation under left breast my ps says it is but i am getting worried cause its getting bigger READ MORE

Did these abnormal test results cause problems for Breast Reduction Surgery or Recovery? (Photo)

My CBC was Abnormal. My RBC=4.07 Low, MCH=32.2 High, MPV=9.9 High. My BMP was also Abnormal. My Creatinine=0.6 Low, B/C ratio=27 High. I've tested... READ MORE

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