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Can I Go From a DD to a Perky and Firm C?

I have DD breasts with moderate sagging. Would like sm-full C. I like the look of kourtney kardashians. Perky, tight from the implants but not super... READ MORE

Possible to Get Perky Breasts After Reduction and then Regrowth?

I had a breast reduction approx 6 years ago. I had put on weight quite quickly after the operation. And my breast grew back but the odd thing was that... READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Need to Under Go to Have a Reasonable Sized Perky Breast? (photo)

I want to get a breast reduction with small implants to create a perky full breast. I got mine breasts very young and because they grew overnight... READ MORE

Huge breasts. What size can I go down to? (Photo)

I am a size 34h and having breast reduction using the lolipop procedure. At what size can I go down too I would like to be a d cup with perkier breast... READ MORE

Wanting smaller perkier breast & flat tummy. Would a breast reduction and liposuction of the stomach help?

Just was wondering what procedure I would benefit from. I am 5' 4" 145 lb. I'm am a 36 D/DD and would like to be a small C or C. I like the look of... READ MORE

Will breast reduction with implants give me the result I am looking for?

I am 42, 5'06" and 145# and have had two children which I breastfeed. My size now is a full 36D. I would like a breast reduction to a C or full B but... READ MORE

I have a 38HH bust with large areolas. Is it possible to get a reduction and implants, and have them look great?

To put it short, I'm in the adult industry and my breasts are very large and heavy on my back. My upper back cracks every breath I take, and my... READ MORE

Always had large breast even as a pre-teen. Now a Mom of 2 I would like to get a reduction. Any hope for great results? (Photo)

I've always had large breast for as long as i can remember. Now a mother a 2 my breast are dropping, sagging and i want the natural perkiness and... READ MORE

Currently 34DD. What are my options to achieve poll fullness and smaller overall? (Photo)

I'm a 34DD currently. 130 lbs. nursed 3 kids. 46 yrs old. What are my options to achieve ( and how close can I get to my wish pictures realistically... READ MORE

Breast lift & reduction to go from 30F to 30B. Is it possible? (Photo)

My PS asked me a very good question. Would I rather reduce size OR be perkier? I said I really wouldn't be happy with just one! Right now my size is... READ MORE

I am 5"1, 108 lbs with 30F, perky, firm, non-droopy breasts. Could I be a candidate for a successful Breast Reduction?

My breasts are fairly large for my frame and I was hoping to get a breast reduction. I am 5"1, 108 lbs with 30F breasts. I had a consultation with a... READ MORE

I wear DDD cup and looking into a reduction and maybe small C implants to provide the shape and fullness I desire, good idea?

I am 5'9", and weigh 190 I know its over weight but I carry it pretty evenly except for the big breasts. I want a perky small cup and so far I haven't... READ MORE

How perky can I make my breasts while getting the size reduced?

I am a 34DD and I want to go down to a larger B or smaller C. I'm currently 18 years old. Is there a way to make them look perky as well? Right now... READ MORE

How long should I wait before going without wearing bras after breast reduction and lift?

Will going bra-less two weeks after breast reduction and lift affect the perkiness of my breast? If so how long after surgery can I go bra-less or... READ MORE

Is it possible to obtain perky full breasts after getting a breast reduction to fix ptosis?

Bra size 34DDD, Age 19, Weight 127 lbs, 5'4'' Goal is to keep fairly large breasts hopefully around a D to DD. My breasts are large and sagging but... READ MORE

I am looking for a doctor in Austin that specializes in breast reduction, lift and an implant. Any suggestions?

Want nice perky boobs but want the best in Austin! Any recommendations of someone in Austin who specializes in Breast, specifically? READ MORE

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