Oozing + Breast Reduction

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Bleeding/Oozing Two Weeks After Breast Reduction, Normal?

I am two weeks post op, and my right breast is bleeding around the nipple area. after my surgery i never had drains inserted and everything was fine... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Oozing Hole?

Had a breast reduction in the spring. Had a small hole open along the scar, blood/pus etc. Kept it clean and it healed. Breast started to hurt/itch... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Sluff to Bleed After It Falls off an Incision? (photo)

Three weeks ago I had a breast reduction. Now at the "T" area under the breasts I have sluff. My Doctor has told me to just spray with peroxide, and... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Breast Reduction and my Incisions Are Bleeding and Oozing?

I got breast reduction about 2 weeks ago and some of my scars are still oozing and bleeding so I have had to put gauze on those areas, but now where... READ MORE

Incisions Are Oozing with Pain and Blood/pus 18 Days Post-op...is This Normal? BR Done 18 Days Ago...total of 5 Lbs Removed?

Just checking to see if this is normal....I feel lots of pain and there are areas of the incisions under breasts that are dark and oozing with small... READ MORE

What Would Be Causing Browning and Weeping of Skin Four Months After a Breast Reduction?

My daughter had breast reduction 4 months ago she's 17, the surgery went well, but 1 month after surgery she started having discoloration and oozing,... READ MORE

Nipples Oozing Clear Fluid 8 Weeks Post Op After Fng?

I am 8 weeks post op and had a fng. My nipples are constantly oozing a clear fluid all day. The constant oozing causes my bra to stick and gauze pad... READ MORE

Infection in incision? (Photo)

Had breast reduction 11 days ago, until now there had been no discharge or major discomfort, today i have seen oozing blood/pus (i think) and... READ MORE

My breast started leaking after my breast reduction is that normal? (photo)

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago. I have no feeling in the lower half of my breast but i was told that that was to be expected. There are two... READ MORE

I'm Black and Recently Had Reduction at 71. Healing and Uneven Size Are Problems. Is It Normal to Have Pain and Feel Knots?

Before surgery my right breast was the larger yet the left is now larger and had open oozing wounds weeks after the right healed and is droopier.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 9 weeks post op and another hole appears. It's oozing a little blood stained fluid. Should I be worried?

I had my reduction done 9 weeks ago but had problems with healing as immune suppressed . Holes are healing slowly but have just found another area... READ MORE

Breast Reduction November 6th: Does everything look OK? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction surgery November 6th. The drains were remove a week after, then about two days after that my right nipple started "oozing". I... READ MORE

6 wks post op breast reduction & I have small hole. How long will it take for it not to ooze infection & what can I do? (photos)

Been on antibiotics for 3 + weeks of that time, I now have a very small hole that oozes infection eeven though I am on day 5 of keflex (10 days keflex... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: Recurrent Infections Despite Following Correct Protocol?

Within 2 weeks of BR I developed an enterococcus infection and 2 holes in the scars on each breast. All the typical symptoms. Given antibiotics,... READ MORE

Bleeding/oozing at 3 weeks going on 4 weeks normal?

Hello :) Well im 3 weeks going on 4 weeks and i keep seeing blood/oozing stains on my bra. It looks like its coming from the bottom of my areola, i... READ MORE

Leakage 2 weeks out. (photo)

My nipples have started oozing. They say it's normal but it is very unnerving.. Aleve is help with the discomfort, but I think I underestimated the... READ MORE

Breast reduction w/ implants 10+ years ago, large oozing sores in the undercut area that won't heal. (Photo)

After all these years, could my body be rejecting the implants? Could it be breast cancer? Are these sores common (I have had smaller ones that healed... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 6 week's ago and have been on permanent antibiotics. Why is this infection not clearing up?

Can you advise as to why this infection is not clearing up . it is constantly oozing and weeping yellow gunge to which i have bben told is dead tissue . READ MORE

Open wounded op for breast reduction after having breast cancer. Any suggestions?

I wash it regular pat dry properly using iodine dressing and mepore is this normal its open from nipple down had op on 26/01/15 oozing yellowish pus... READ MORE

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