Medicaid + Breast Reduction

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Will MedicAid Cover Reduction of DD Breasts?

I am a 23 year old single mom who suffers from severe back and shoulder pains and horrible posture as a result of my 38DD breasts. Is it possible my... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Pay for 36DDD Breast Reduction (Age 15)?

Im 15. 5'2 and weight 160 pounds. I want a breast reduction my breast are 36DDD. Will my medicaid pay for it? READ MORE

I Have 44DD and I Am Always in Pain but My Doctor Won't Help Me

I am a size 44DD and I suffer from back aches shoulder pain and my Doctor tells me that he doesn't know of anyone in our area that does breast... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover a Breast Reduction in Illinois?

I am 21 years old I have always had big breasts but after having my son in 2008 they went from a E cup to a 48 L and continues to go up, I have tried... READ MORE

Do Doctors Accept Medicaid for Breast Reductions?

I am 16 almost 17. Has had my menstraul for 7 years and has not grown since 15. I am 5'3, weigh 198, and has a size 38 DDDD. I cant participate in... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction For Back Pain?

Iam 31years Old I Have 3 kids I am 5'3, 44DD and I suffer back pain. Does Medicaid cover a reduction? I weight 210lbs iam a little chubby READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Reduction Covered by Medicaid?

I am 5'1 and im 3 months from being 16. i wear a size 34DD&,my boobs spill out of that back is always hurting none stop.i hurts my back... READ MORE

How Much Money Does Maryland State Medicaid Pay Doctors for a Breast Reduction?

I recently got approved for breast reduction by state medical asstisstanc , how much does medical assitance pay the doctor in the state of maryland? READ MORE

I Have Medicaid and Need Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am like a size E or F 5'4 and i only have amerigroup medicaid and i cant find a doctor please help me!!!!!!! READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors in Illinois That Take Medicaid for Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am desperate for to find a doctor to find a surgeon in the state of ILLinois that will do a breast reduction for me. I have a 42 I cup. I have sever... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Medicaid to cover a breast reduction? (photos)

I'm 32 years old, I'm 5'4, 270 lbs. My bra size is 54 DD I have 7 children with REAL BAD BACK PAIN! I have Medicaid, am I a candidate for a breast... READ MORE

Will Medicaid likely approve a 36HH Breast Reduction?

I'm 18, healthy, active, and have 36HH breasts. I wear professionally fitted bras yet have red dents on my shoulders, constant bruising on my ribs,... READ MORE

Breast Reduction at 5'1, 112lbs, D Cup Breasts?

I am 39yrs and I've been to the doctor several times for my back, shoulder and neck pain. I am working with kindergartner banding my back most of day... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover my Breast Reduction? I am in far to much pain and have difficulty caring for my son. (photo)

I am 19, height 5'6, weight 154. my breast are a size 32 k i suffer from back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches.t. i did end up loosing 20 pounds and... READ MORE

Can I get Michigan Medicaid to accept a Breast Reduction? (photos)

I live in Michigan, I am a 22 mother of rwo kids and ny breasts make me miserable. I am 5'2'' and I am finally getting into fitness, but my breasts... READ MORE

Can I get Medicaid/cal to pay for a breast reduction? (Photo)

I have always had large breasts, but a pregnancy last year caused them to go from a B to a D and after an abortion down to a very stretched out heavy... READ MORE

How Do I Find the Right Doctor for a Breast Reduction in Ohio?

Hi i have been told I NEED a breast reduction and am very nervous, i want to find the best plastic sugeon in the cleveland that i can. i have medicare... READ MORE

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