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What Massage Techniques Are Useful After Having Breast Reduction Surgery?

How soon after breast reduction surgery would massage for the breasts be ok? Does this help with boold-flow and the overall healing? READ MORE

20 Days Post Op. Is It Too Early to Start Massaging my Scars? And When Will Swelling Decrease to be the Final Result? (photo)

I have 3 questions! I'm 20 days post Op (Breast Reduction), I was wondering if it is too early to start massaging my scars with creams? My second... READ MORE

Will Massage After Reduction Change The Bad Shape I Have 2 Months Post Op? (photo)

After a bad reduction, they have come out much to square and no projection and it is impossible to get them into a proper bra as what tissue is left... READ MORE

I Am 10 Days Post Op for Breast Reduction, And 1 Breast Is Painful, Should I Worry?

Over all I feel like I am wearing a metal bra(madonna circa 1995.My right breast has no real pain at all but the left one hurts.I have limited my RX... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Like Someone is Squeezing the Crap out of Me? (photo)

I finally did it Feb 1, 2012 @ the age of 49. problem is not on the outside, but what is going on inside. I feel like someone is squeezing the crap... READ MORE

What is the best over counter for scars and to flatten them?

My scars are red and lumpy!How long should you message for? READ MORE

When or how long after surgery can I start massaging with vitamin E?

Had my surgery on March 6th. Have been feeling good. Have not taken any heavy meds since 3/9. Took an Alieve Sunday evening. A number of friends have... READ MORE

Ca pulsar contraction with breast reduction?

Is capsular contraction related only to breast augmentation or can it also occur in breast reduction when scar tissue hardens to form a sort of band... READ MORE

When would I be able to have a back massage after breast reduction?

Hi, I am currently 6 weeks post op and was wondering how long I should wait till I have a back massage (laying on front)? Thank You READ MORE

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