Implant + Breast Reduction

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Breast Stretch Marks and Thin Skin: What's Best for Firmer Perkier Breasts?

Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Small Implant to Add Volume? What's Best for Me? I'm 22 5'5 and am a 36F. Ive had large breasts since i was... READ MORE

Can my Insurance Pay for Removal of Breast Tissue on Armpit While I Have a Breast Augmentation at the Same Time?

I have had breast tissue on my left armpit for the past 14 years. Since puberty. It can be very painful (was very painful during pregnancy). I am very... READ MORE

Nipple Healing After Surgery: White Scab

I had a breast reduction and then had implants put into both breasts to deal with asymetry. im happy overall but im noticing that the breast where the... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation After Reduction Common?

I had a breast reduction surgery 2 weeks ago and my breasts look really small from the front. I didnt want to go too small but im afraid i already did... READ MORE

Can Your Breast Size Be Reduced After Implants Without Removal of Implants.

I had breast implants size 300. I am now a 36D and I do not like how large they are. I want to be an average C size. Can I get a reduction and still... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay For a Reduction if You Have Implants? I Was a Saggy C Before, Now 40E?

I am a patient at Mayo for severe pain and back issures. I'd love a reduction but I have implants so I'm wondering if I would be covered?... READ MORE

Breast Reduction, Lift, and Implants

I'm posting pics but i am 36DDD. I have ps and weve discussed and scheduled the procedure. he's really made no comments about difficulty of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Slight Reduction and Add a Small Implant to Get Upper Pole Fullness?

I'm a saggy 36DD and would like to be a full C/small D, but I really love the fake look that implants give, so I want implants for upper pole fullness... READ MORE

Teen Breast Reduction and Implants, Should I Have this Done Now or Should I Wait?

I am 17, 5'5" with a size 32DD. I am extremely active playing 3 sports competively and find it extremely painful to do the activities I love,... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Implants

I am 5'1 and weigh 105 after losing 100 lbs. I went from size 38G to 32DDD. I am looking to lift and but keep same size. I went for a consultation and... READ MORE

What is the Process of Removing Implants and Performing a Breast Reduction at the Same Time?

I had a breast lift with implants after my 1st child. I didn't need the implants but i got them anyway. My surgeon said i had enough breast tissue... READ MORE

With Breast Reduction is an Implant a Good Idea for Firmness & Shape?

I have heard from some women that they wish they had had implants at the same time as reduction surgery to improve the shape & firmness of the... READ MORE

Reducing Breast Implants Non Surgically?

I had ba and lift 10 hrs ago. I am a 34dd. Is there a way to reduce the implants without surgery? READ MORE

Can I Get a Reduction, Lift and Implants for Fullness?

I'm 36 & wear a 34-36HH bra size (after gaining 20lbs), I'm usually a 34 G. My breasts are okay considering their weight, but they're starting to... READ MORE

Is it safe to go back to horseback riding after BR with implants? (Photo)

Hey I am 6 weeks after my BR/Lift with small implants. My PS did give me his ok to go back to my horseback riding. I ride at least 5 times a week. I... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old, 5'2, and 115 lbs. Would you recommend a Breast Reduction with liposuction, or implants? (photos)

I was thinking of either a breast augmentation (to fill out) but am worried of future sagging. I want them to be rounder, but "appear" perkier If my... READ MORE

I have a 38HH bust with large areolas. Is it possible to get a reduction and implants, and have them look great?

To put it short, I'm in the adult industry and my breasts are very large and heavy on my back. My upper back cracks every breath I take, and my... READ MORE

Can You Get a Second Reduction and Implants at the Same Time?

I am a white female age 54. 13 years ago I had a reduction. I was a 34DD then and went down to a 34C. My breast are now in between a 34D and 34DD. I... READ MORE

Should I get implants along with my reduction? I don't want them to be any smaller than a D.

My name is Courtney I'm 22 yrs old and have 34 DDD. I recently went to talk to a surgeon in Miami Fl. I was pretty disappointed when he told me that... READ MORE

My breast are now 34DD and still nursing. Is it possible to have a Breast Reduction with implants?

I recently had a baby six months ago. My breast are now a 34DD, I am still nursing. I plan to stop nursing as I'm back out to work full time. My... READ MORE

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