Gauze + Breast Reduction

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My Plastic Surgeon Told Me to Wear One of my Underwire Bras over the Gauze 4 Days Post Breast Reduction. Is This Okay?

It's been 6 days since my breast reduction. On the 4th or 3rd day, my plastic surgeon told me to bring one of my bras to wear over the gauze and he... READ MORE

3 weeks post breast reduction. Wound healing problem? Separation? (Photo)

Had br on Oct 29th. I had drains, removed before I went home. Steri strips used. No oozing or blood on gauze. two week check up, Steri strips replaced... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 9 weeks post op and another hole appears. It's oozing a little blood stained fluid. Should I be worried?

I had my reduction done 9 weeks ago but had problems with healing as immune suppressed . Holes are healing slowly but have just found another area... READ MORE

When should I change the gauze/dressing?

Had BR on 12/23 I wanted to see the result but the gauze seems to be kind of stuck to the incisions and I am scared to just pull it off. I have drains... READ MORE

How long on average does a wound like this take to heal? Breast Reduction. (Photo)

How long on average does a wound this size take to heal. And how long after starting treatment should I expect to see any changes. I started teating... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction in June. I have opened up on both breasts at the t section. How long will it take to heal?

I've been told to clean it twice a day with saline or warm salty water. I've also been putting jelonet on it and covered them with non stick gauze.... READ MORE

Wound care with Silvadene looks strange after breast reduction. Is this normal?

I had a breast reduction 3 1/2 weeks ago. About a week after surgery I started getting a wound under my breast where the inverted T met. My doctor... READ MORE

Does losing part of my areola after B / R mean I'll lose my nipple too?

I am 3 weeks post op and had my staples removed after 11 days post op. During the removal some of my areola came off with the steristrip I was told to... READ MORE

Should I have my plastic surgeon remove the suture knots? Will it cause more drainage and will I still need gauze everyday?

I had breast reduction surgery about 5 weeks ago. I have had several white plastic suture knots come to the surface. By last week, most of the knots... READ MORE

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