Fever + Breast Reduction

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Is It Normal for Breasts to Itch After Reduction Surgery?

If I had a breast reduction is it normal for my breast to itch a lot? Especialy right under the breast. I received surgery on the 8th of June, 2010... READ MORE

Why Won't My Plastic Surgeon Address my Cellulitis or Fluid Pockets?

Is it time for a second opinion? My PS sees that I have cellulitis, multiple internal hematomas and said he hopes the incision would just split and... READ MORE

Does using drains after Breast Reduction help reduce your risk of Infection? (photos)

At 8wks Post Op I got a bad headache and then fever and chills. Long story short, infection right breast. Surgery, 5 day hospital stay and a drain vac... READ MORE

19 Days out Breast Reduction with Low Grade Fevers, More Pain, Body and Headaches with Abdominal Problems. Possible Infection?

Had to return to hospital at 36 hours after surgery because of 100.6 temperature and fast heartrate. Had an another 24 hours of IV antibiotics... READ MORE

11 weeks post op of Breast Reduction, I feel pain, faint, feverish, and tenderness in both breasts. What could cause this?

Hi, I have been suffering from extreme tenderness in both of my breasts for the past 3 weeks/firmer, I have a swollen lymph node in my armpit which is... READ MORE

After a second breast reduction surgery is it normal on the fourth day to have fever, inflammation and pain in one breast?

After 4 days of reducion operated in a breast implant only one breast is swollen, with 100 f fever pain is this normal? READ MORE

Breast Reduction 1 week post op - should I be in this much pain?

I had a breast reduction 1 week ago, I had 600ml blood and fluid drain out of my right breast and had to go back to theatre. I have extreme pain,... READ MORE

I have severe shooting pain in my left breast 9 wks post Breast Reduction and a slight fever. What could be causing my symptoms?

Hi, I have been experiencing severe pain and shooting pains in my left breast for 1 week, with the pain radiating up my armpit and through my arm- I... READ MORE

10 days post op and still have a fever. How long will this continue and is it normal?

Today is the10th day After my breast reduction I am still having fever from a 99.8 to a 100.1 I saw I saw my surgeon and he gave me antibiotics for... READ MORE

Heavy leakage from reduction. How should I treat this?

My reduction was on Dec 10. 2015. My breast were huge 40 DDD. No drains were inserted. I've had a non stop fever. Went twice to the ER and the surgeon... READ MORE

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