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4 Days After Breast Reduction and in my Left Breast I Have a Feeling Almost Like a Vibration?

In my left breast I feel something that feels almost like a cell phone vibrating on really low. Is this normal? Do I need to call my doctor? It does... READ MORE

When Should I Consult a Physician Regarding Pain After a Breast Reduction?

I know it is normal to have some pain after breast reduction surgery and I shouldn't be surprised it hurts to cough or sneeze. How much pain is a... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction Axillary Removal?

What is a reasonable fee for either a combination of lipo and excision or excision alone? Am I correct that this would need to be performed under... READ MORE

My nipple is numb. What is the possibility that the feeling will come back?

I had a breast reduction on April 7 2014. My right nipple is completely numb but does still get erect. What is the possibility that the feeling will... READ MORE

Still feel stitches a month after Breast Reduction.

I had BR with lipo one month ago. Scars look good, no bleeding or weeping since surgery. I feel better each week, but I can definitely still "feel"... READ MORE

How likely am I to regain feeling and connection after a Free Nipple Graft (FNG)?

I'm 21 and a size M cup, and my plastic surgeon says she is going to have to use the free nipple graft method, and I was curious as to the "success... READ MORE

Approx. how many breast reductions (%?) regain feeling in breasts & nipples? How does the process of regaining feeling go?

The time it takes? Where does the feeling normally start to come back 1st? My case-20 yrs old, had "lollipop procedure" 2 weeks ago, never had much... READ MORE

Possible to regain feeling after explant?

I lost sensation in the bottom of my breasts after augmentation. Is it possible to regain this if I have the implants removed? I've had them for 9 years. READ MORE

I had Breast Reduction about a year and a half ago. I went from a 36 H to a 36DD and I'm not sure I have sensation on my nipples

I don't have sensation on my nipple, if I rub them or touch them I don't feel anything, and I definelty don't feel anything in the areola. Unless I... READ MORE

1 day post op breast reduction, what should I be feeling today?

I am freaking out a little. Hoping to get some clarity, Please What should I be feeling today? I have little pain, yet after surgery it was extreme... READ MORE

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