Drains + Breast Reduction

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Drainage Tube Fell out 3 Days After Breast Reduction

Is something wrong when your drainage tube falls out three days after a breast reduction? READ MORE

How Comfortable or Uncomfortable Are the Drains Used for Breast Reduction?

What kind of irritation can the drains from breat reduction cause? Are these put in at the time of the surgery, or post-op based on the need from an... READ MORE

How Long Should Drains Stay in After Breast Reduction?

My surgeon isn't planning on removing my drains until my 1 week followup which is 8 days later. Is it normal to have drain in that long after a... READ MORE

Is a Drain Necessary for Breast Reduction?

I am going to have a breast reduciton surgery next week, my size is 36D and would like to have 2 cup smaller. the doctor told me that I dont need... READ MORE

How Long Can You Keep a Drain I After Breast Surgery?

I had a breast reduction 10 days ago. One drain was removed the other not. It is still draining at least 20cc a day is this normal? How long can you... READ MORE

Why are the Drains Needing to be Kept in for a Week After Breast Reduction?

Why so long? There is hardly any draining after the 4th day and they cause me more pain and irritation then the stitches. READ MORE

Doctor says "she doesn't know why it's happening". Do I need to see a different doctor? (photo)

My doctor just tells me "she doesn't know why it's happening" I've had a breast reduction and had to have drains. I think they took the drains out to... READ MORE

Recovery After Breast Reduction?

I would like some input with regards to recovery: -when will drains come out -when will stitches come out - when can i go back to work as cabin crew -... READ MORE

Is Leakage Common After Drains Are Removed After Breast Reduction?

I had my reduction 2 weeks ago the drains were removed a week ago and everything was going well now I have leakage from my left breast that has a... READ MORE

Looks Like Wings Under My Arms At Drain Sites Post-Breast Reduction, Is This Permanent?

One week post op and I love the size but look like I have wings under my arms and points where the drains were. Will this go way in time? READ MORE

How long does it take for your body to reabsorb blood in breasts after reduction surgery? (Photo)

My right breast had a clogged drain after surgery. My doctor reassures me that my breasts should even out, and I trust him, but he also told me that... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Using Drains and Not for a Breast Reduction?

My PS does not use drains, I am wondering the difference and the reasoning why a doctor may or may not choose to use them? READ MORE

Can I have advice on breast reduction surgery?

1. Are drains recommended? 2. Is an overnight hospital stay recommended? 3. Is general anesthesia always necessary? 4. What is the average recovery... READ MORE

Does using drains after Breast Reduction help reduce your risk of Infection? (photos)

At 8wks Post Op I got a bad headache and then fever and chills. Long story short, infection right breast. Surgery, 5 day hospital stay and a drain vac... READ MORE

Is the Numbess and Pain I Feel Around the Drains After BR Normal?

I had BR 6 days ago. My drains are collecting more than 30 ccs a day, so the doctor decided to leave them until the drainage falls below 30 cc. The... READ MORE

Removal of drain after Breast Reduction was excruciating.

I had breast reduction surgery 1 week ago. My only complain had to do with the discomfort of the drains, with the right one being more uncomfortable... READ MORE

How much bleeding is normal after breast reduction surgery?

I am day 1 after surgery and went home with no drains. When should I be concerned with the bleeding? The blood is frank and is still slowly seeping... READ MORE

Are Drains Necessary for Breast Reduction?

I am 5"4 about 115lbs with 32D breasts. I am having a breast reduction in May and my PS said he does not think I will be needing drains. He said due... READ MORE

Will I Have Drains After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I Am Awaiting Approval from my Insurance for a Breast Reduction, My Plastic Surgeon Said I Wouldn't Have Drains. is This True ? READ MORE

Drain tubes suppose to hurt?

I had my breast reduction 2 days ago. Today one of my drain tubes hurts like my skin is tearing. I can't see it so I don't know what it looks like.... READ MORE

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