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Breast Reduction Pre-op Appointment?

I'm about to go in for a breast reduction pre-op. What kinds of things do they test your blood for? What should I make sure I go over with my PS? READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Bring a Bra the Size I Hope to Be After Surgery with Me to Pre-op? (photo)

I am sceduled for surgery May 25 2012. I have been looking at smaller bras and I have notice that the cup sizes "D" and "DD" tend... READ MORE

Normal to Only Have One Consultation Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Have already been approved for BS and have picked a well qualified PS. Im a healthy average size 5'5" 25 year old female but breasts are very... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Consult?

What type of medical information should I bring to my physician at a breast reduction consultation? What other aspects of my life and schedule should... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get Estimated Quotes from Teaching Hospitals Without Being Bogged Down by Consultation Fees (photo)

I live in ma, i have gynecomastia and want surgery but costs in boston area are expensive. i have done some research and it seems that teaching... READ MORE

Where Do I Start For Breast Reduction?

I would like to get an evaluation for a breast reduction? How do I start the process? Do I start with my general physician for a referral? READ MORE

Breast Reduction - How Do I Proceed? What to Ask? How to Find the Right Doc?

Hello! I am 5'3", 37 years old and a mother to two teens. I have lost 50 pounds and am working on another fifty to get me to my goal weight... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery in 1 Week But Doctor Never Discussed Size - Normal?

The issue I have is that my PS never talked to me about what size/shape I'd like to end up with. AFter measuring, etc. he told me he wanted to... READ MORE

How Can I Find an Experienced Surgeon That is Comfortable with Reducing Extremely Large Breast Size 42I?

My breast are currently a 42 I, The surgeons that I have recently consulted with has informed me that they are not comfortable performing surgery on... READ MORE

What to Expect on 2nd Appointment with PS For Breast Reduction?

My consult was to decide if I was a good candidate. Now that I am approved, I'm wondering what we discuss at the 2nd appt. Do I disrobe again and do... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lovenox? Doctor and Patient Experiences?

What are your experiences with this surgery and patients on Lovenox? I'm asking because I just got back from my consultation, and my doctor has... READ MORE

How long is the average breast reduction process, from consultation to procedure? (Photo)

I am about to start my breast reduction process. The problem is that I am a full-time college student and have to work around a trimester system.... READ MORE

How Many Times Should Your Surgeon Want to See You Before Your Breast Reduction?

I recently decided it was time for breast reduction. My breast are extremely heavy and awkward. My first initial appt went very well. We found out... READ MORE

Approved for Surgery 6 Weeks Ago, but Dr's Office Will Not Call Me Back?

I'm approved for a BR w/ BcBs & been calling my PS to schedule but they won't call me back, made 5 calls! wonder if I am being put on the back... READ MORE

How long does it take Medicaid to approve breast reduction?

I had my consultation and everything else don in march. Everything was submitted about last week. I just wanted to know how long it would take for... READ MORE

I'd like a BR consult as soon as possible once i have weaned my toddler-need to wait *at least* 6 mths before a consult? (photo)

Mom of 3 16 months postpartum 34, 5'7", 174, 38DDD/E currently breastfeeding/trying to wean With previous kids, my cup size has never dipped below a... READ MORE

Considering a breast reduction. I am a 46 DDD & want a C cup, with lipo on the sides of breast. Any thoughts?

However, I am 2 weeks out from a rotator cuff repair/bone spur removal/ muscle & tension anchored. I am doing extremely well . I can't raise my arm up... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Only One Consult Visit, Then Surgery Scheduled???

I went to a consultation with a PS on 9/18, I was approved by my insurance United Healthcare on 9/30, and my surgery is scheduled for 11/22. My... READ MORE

Can I meet with several doctors for a Breast Reduction surgery even though one submitted pictures to insurance?

I recently met with a surgeon for a consultation for breast reduction. He explained procedure answered questions and took pictures. He said he would... READ MORE

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