Complication + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction Complications

What risks and complications could I be facing from having breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

How Safe is Breast Reduction?

I would like to get breast reduction but im so nervous about the whole surgery because there has been so many deaths or complications during or after... READ MORE

What Are the Additional Complications of a Hematoma After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction surgery completed 3 days ago (on a Thursday, today is Saturday). I had a post-op appointment on Friday where the surgeon... READ MORE

Safe Pregnancy After Breast Reduction?

I'm 26 and I don't have kids yet. I would like to know, can I have a pregnancy without complications after a breast reduction? Please help. Thank you... READ MORE

What are the Risks in Having a Second Breast Reduction?

I'm from UK. First Breast reduction (in 2000) used the Superior Pedicle technique according to the surgeon. I would appreciate any advice or tips.... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Breast Reduction if There Are No Complications?

How much time do most patients need off of work provided there are no complications from a breast reduction? Thank you READ MORE

Complications Post Op BR W/O Insurance- Am I Responsible?

If my insurance does not agree to pay for my surgery and I end up having horrific complications (that require hospitalization) am I going to be... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Complications?

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my... READ MORE

One month until surgery, is vaping 0mg nicotine okay?

I am scheduled for a breast reduction and lift on December 12th. I have been driving myself crazy with worry over being a smoker and I WILL be... READ MORE

Is my desired size unrealistic or just beyond one doctor's abilities to achieve? I want to go from 34DD to 34B. (Photo)

Im a petite 26 yr old ( 5'5 ", 125 lbs ) wearing a 34 dd, desiring a 34b. My surgeon told me my breast tissue is very dense, making it difficult to... READ MORE

Complications after surgery

My question is this....if my insurance denies me coverage and I go ahead with the reduction, if I encounter problems afterwards will my insurance... READ MORE

Breast Liposuction and Family History of Breast Cancer?

I'm thinking of getting breast reduction by liposuction. However my mother died of breast cancer at 40 (I'm 41) and I'm concerned about... READ MORE

What is Percentage of Complications for 2nd Reduction?

I'm 40DD asymmetrical post reduction 30 years. I'm unable to wear any support bra that causes pressure against ribcage due to multiple fractured ribs... READ MORE

Complications with my breast reduction I am not a smoker or around smokers, not obese "BMI" and no autoimmune diseases.

The nipple on the left had mild necrosis. Once the superficial tissue removed it has been pink in some parts of the areola but still purple in others... READ MORE

I have low blood pressure. How safe is it for me to have a breast reduction?

I had my daughter 3 months ago and had to be induced. With the combination of Pitocin, epidural and low blood pressure my blood pressure dropped to... READ MORE

I have complications from breast reduction; large lump, nerve damage. Do I need reconstruction surgery?

Complications from breast reduction(9/13), left lump 5 cm,no sensation in breast, no nipple Pain that wraps around from side of breast to spine. PS... READ MORE

Is Smoking one cigarrette a week before surgury going to give me complications.

I'm having a BR in one week, I stupidly couldn't help giving into temptation of having a cigarrett just once last night. Am I doomed? READ MORE

When preforming a Breast Reduction is there ever a risk of resecting too much tissue?

What are the complications of resecting to much tissue? Is this very common in Breast Reductions and how easy is resecting too much tissue to fix? READ MORE

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