Burning + Breast Reduction

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I'm Three Weeks out from my Breast Reduction. I Have Burning in my Breast?

My nurse said its the nerves. Is this normal, any suggestions on relief? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Burning or Stabbing Pain 6 Months After a Breast Reduction?

Is It Normal to Have Burning or Stabbing Pain 6 Months After a Breast Reduction? All Went Well with the Surgery. READ MORE

Pain After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction in June of 2012. I don't like taking the pain meds. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the pain I am feeling. It is a... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Rash and Burning Both Breasts 4 Wks Post Breast Reduction?

I am 4 wks post op breast reduction and I am having a lot of burning, stinging pain and redness in both breasts. Hydrocortizone is not working. I saw... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 2 Months Ago, It Isn't my Scars That Both Me, but Rather the Skin Above the Crease?

I had no issues with healing whatsoever. My incisions were completely closed up a week after surgery. I feel an almost constant burning/irritation at... READ MORE

Burning In Breast 1 Year After Breast Reduction Normal?

I am one year post op from my breast reduction surgery. I experienced some shooting pain the first 6months after surgery, I assumed the pain was my... READ MORE

What are key factors determined to have health insurance cover a Breast reduction surgery? Does it vary by state? (photo)

I have been contemplating a breast reduction for many many years as it has been the cause of a lot of back, and neck stress as well as posture and... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 1 week post op - should I be in this much pain?

I had a breast reduction 1 week ago, I had 600ml blood and fluid drain out of my right breast and had to go back to theatre. I have extreme pain,... READ MORE

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